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Written & edited by Ness Wolfess

Since their careers in the Andalite army had become cemented, Blazox & Acca had been moved to what on Earth would be considered a communal military base. It was just the 2 of them & they were still adjusting to living together. That 'honeymoon' period of their arranged marriage was over, but things still felt awkward & sometimes annoying. Blazox had arrived home from work a few hours before Acca. He had been standing at the right side of the field on the Domeship home, main eyes staring at his reflection in an artificial pond while his eye stalks focused outside on the evening stars. Blazox was lost in thought, considering what he would say to Acca when she arrived home as well. Things between them were tense because they didn't seem to emotionally fit together. He knew that his parents wanted the best for & encouraged him, but the feelings weren't there. He didn't love Acca, not one bit. Blazox had never been attracted to anybody else in his life. He liked being a loner & was never one to start a conversation or speak up unless called upon. Blazox had decided recently that he was going to confess to Acca, not caring if it hurt her feelings because he needed to get this out & over with. Blazox stood up straight & focused all of his eyes towards the left wing of the ship when he heard the distant sound of doors, signaling that his wife was home. He turned & trotted over to that exit to the field, kicking up grass along the way. Blazox stepped through & called out, focusing his words towards Acca.
<Acca, I need to see you. Come to the main area of the Domeship.> He ordered directly, eye stalks swiveling to peer around the corners of the hallways for her form. After a few seconds, Acca's tired Thought Speak called back to him.
< I just walked in. Please give me a moment. > She replied in a slightly annoyed tone. Blazox backed up into the field & turned to run off. He did a semi-circle to ease his tension before slowing down to a walk. Acca entered the Domeship's main room shortly after, her pace steady due to over-working at the lab. Being the head scientist's assistant wasn't an easy job. When setting her main eyes on her husband, Acca's posture became erect & proper. Her hands grasped each other briefly as the 2 walked closer before finally stopping, now just standing about 2 yards apart.
<Greetings, Blazox. What was it you wanted to speak to me about?> Acca asked, her gazed fixed on his face, making contact with their main eyes. Blazox's front right hoof pawed at the ground nervously, then he let out a heavy sigh.
<Acca, I need to confess something to you. If I do not now, I fear it will put a terrible strain on us & possibly our families.> He said bluntly, voice direct & calm. Acca blushed, feeling slightly worried at his words.
<I do not love you, Acca. I'm not attracted to you in any way & never will be. Please forgive me for being so straight-forward, but it is how I feel in my hearts.> Blazox said, not breaking eye contact once. He knew that if his words or body language faltered even a bit, Acca would not believe him. Her eyes widened at this & 1 hand raised to rest on the middle of her chest. They did not speak for a moment, just stared. The corners of Acca's eyes then turned up in a smile & her fingers curled inwards on themselves, almost joyfully.
<Oh, Blazox. Thank you for telling me this news. I am actually relieved because... I feel the same or don't feel. Ever since we first met when our parents arranged us, I never felt a connection to you.> She replied & had to fight the urge to grab hold of Blazox's hand. He did not like to be touched after all.
<I hoped instead of lovers, we could be partners.> Blazox offered & Acca tilted her head curiously.
<In what way?> She asked & he nodded away, signaling that she should follow him. They began walking together around the field as Blazox continued his proposal.
<The both of us are in similar areas of the army, correct? I offer that you & I work together, there & on the battlefield. Before long, we'll be off the homeworld. I can feel it.> He said, gesturing lightly with 1 hand. Acca listened & considered his words for a while. She nodded in agreement.
<Yes, it is a deal.> Acca answered & Blazox quietly sighed to himself in relief. They may not have had strong feelings for one another, but were going to make their relationship work in a different way.
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My Andalite OCs Blazox (Blaah-Z-ock) & his wife Acca (Aye-sah) had an arranged marriage before joining the Andalite military. The 2 however, do not love one another. This is the moment that Blazox confesses his true feelings. It takes place before they met Prince Thyson & left the Homeworld to fight against the Yeerks.

Blazox & Acca belong to :iconspellboundfox:
Andalites & the Animorphs series belongs to K. A. Applegate.
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