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Name: Blazox-Hiroyuki-Fissbach
Name pronounciation: Blaah-Z-ock Hee-row-yoo-kee FiS-bah-ck
Universe: Animorphs
Home: Andalite homeworld, northern hemisphere
Earth location: somewhere in Sweden or Norway
Species: Andalite
Height: 6'5"
Eyes: medium green
Fur: medium blue with turquoise highlights, yellow around nose
Birthday: April 10th
Sexuality: pansexual
Gender: male
Age: 32 Earth years
Scars or other markings: slice scar along lower body's back from Hork-Bajir Controller
Body type: very muscular
Mate: Acca
Crush: Thyson-Colfdam-Tarang
Offspring: none
Loyalties: Andalites, Animorphs, Hork-Bajir, Northern European Army/NORTHAG, Chee
Enemies: Yeerks, Leerans, Visser One, Visser Three
Career: Warrior & scientist
Virgin: unknown
Fingers: 12, 6 on each hand
Status: Alive
Planets visited: Sector 5 RG-21578-4, Leera and Earth
Likes: running, star-gazing, Cartography, conducting experiments, being alone, eating Earth food, music, birds, cats, reptiles, working with his hands, movies, learning, night time, Earth snow, spring, technology, poetry, reading, Doctor Who, Anime, puzzles, video games, Greek mythology
Dislikes: most humans, war, fighting, burns, inexperienced individuals, lazers, dogs, Yeerks, the ocean, tiny morphs, people getting into his personal business, cramped spaces
Fears: become a Controller, death, poison, being bitten, thunder, explosions, suffocation/drowning, become a Nothlit, becoming injured in battle, scorpions, Visser Three, Visser One
Favorite foods (Earth & other): Homeworld grass, Hork-Bajir grass, goat milk, honey, chocolate, white chocolate, mango, brown rice, sweet tea, asparagus, duck eggs, cookies, cake, sushi, bacon, cherries, peaches, mushroom truffles, spaghetti, cotton candy, vodka, meat pie, ice cream, strawberries, Sriracha, spicy pork sausages
Personality: private, intelligent, serious, proud, independent, curious, kind, grumpy, loner, clingy
Powers & talents: Morphing, intelligence, multilingual
Languages known: Native Andalite, Yeerk, Swedish, Norwegian, English, bits of Hork-Bajir, French
Jewelry: silver stud earrings, 2 in each ear
Morphs: Hoober, Kafit bird, Djabala, Hork-Bajir, Jubba-Jubba, Leeran, stag, German Shepard, hare, snow leopard, moose, wolf, arctic fox, wolverine, bee, fly, bull shark, squid, Sasquatch, mouse, owl, dolphin, human man, python, ant, house cat, butterfly, horse, sea snake, octopus, rat, beetle, crab, alligator, barracuda, Yeerk, lammergeier
Preferred weapons: Shredder, tail blade, morphs, brain
Battle morphs: snow leopard, Sasquatch, bull shark, bear, Jubba-Jubba, lammergeier, squid, wolverine & barracuda

Trivia: Blazox is shy & does not speak often about himself.
The first time he met humans, he was bitten by their pet dog before acquiring a morph from it. Blazox has hated the animal ever since.
When still living on the Andalite homeworld, Blazox had an arranged marriage to Acca by their parents. The 2 are not romantically involved & instead see each other as battle & science partners.
He hopes to split from his wife after the Yeerk invasion on Earth is settled.
Blazox's favorite video games are Pong, Pikmin, Tetris & Pocky and Rocky.
His scientific area of expertise are chemistry, zoology & Earth studies.
Before coming to Earth, Balzox has done scientific research, mapping & fighting Yeerks on Leera & the Hork-Bajir homeworld.
He & Prince Thyson are good friends & fight alongside each other. They even share a few of the same morphs.
Blazox tutors Prince Thyson's son Xanthist in chemistry & cartography.
This is a profile/bio for 1 of my Andalite OCs. His middle name is from Hiroyuki Morita, the director of 1 of my favorite Studio Ghibli films 'The Cat Returns'. His last name is taken from Markiplier's, which is spelled Fischbach. I admire both men very much, so why not immortalize them with my own creation? :3 For those of you who don't know, Sector 5 RG-21578-4 is the title of the Hork-Bajir homeworld, given by the Andalites. Blazox is my first pansexual character.

Blazox, Chezist & her father belong to: :iconspellboundfox:
The Animorphs series belong to K. A. Applegate.
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June 14, 2015
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