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The Cutie Marked Crusaders

A vectored image from S5E18 and a request from :icondcencia:
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The red on the mark looks a bit too bright but overall it looks sweet!
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The red looks fine to me.
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Nice work. I wasn't expecting to cry at this episode, but I couldn't help it. So sweet!
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So he requested the same image of you too, huh? He even left the exact same comment on my version. "Thanks so much my friend! Excellent Work, yep! Thumbs Up =D (Big Grin)" That's weird. Cool pic though. What program do you use?

I'm referring to this: CMC Has Broken Your Fanfiction
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Adobe Illustrator.
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Great Stuff and I like the poses.
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Oh, that is just too precious!
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Thanks so much my friend! Excellent Work indeed, yep! :thumbsup: =D
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omg I still can't get over the fact tht they got their cutie marks
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Thanks. Also if you want to make a diaper version, go ahead.
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Thank you and to be honest I'm actually going to add a little thing with the cute theme as well so it'll be a double play of cuteness
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