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Prisoner Twilight | Definitive Edition

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After over six years of drawing ponies as chibi munchkins, in footed pajamas, and throwning them in prison, among other scenarios, I proudly resent a remake of my very first art piece submitted to DA

The story is as follows: After the events of Lesson Zero, somepony died as a result of Twilight's want it need it spell, Princess Celestia was left with no choice but to arrest Twilight, on charges of ponyslaughter, endangering other lives, misuse of magic, mass destruction, brainwashing, disturbing the peace, multiple counts of assault and serious injury, and filly abuse. Twilight eventually accepted a plea deal offer from the prosecutor, who took into consideration the fact that She was an element of harmony and this was her first offense. Twilight was sentenced to 5 years of incarceration with eligibility for parole after 3 years.

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Poor, dejected Twilight. This may be her first offense but she really messed up.

You did a great job on this one, Spellboundcanvas~

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Equestria is totally and completely fucked now.Nopony but Twilight can use Magic if needed. Crysalis wins, Sombra wins.

Past that, there's nothing left. Tirek might just finish off whatever's left.

Not sorry about the language. But Equestria is doomed like this. Unless you erase all of the above from ever happening in the first place.

And I understand that Celestia had no choice (and honestly, the rest of the Mane 6 deserve some blame for this as well). But I can't see Equestria surviving.

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Heres a few things to consider though. The royal wedding maybe delayed due to shining wanting his sister to attend, so chysalis would either have to wait, or find another event to stage a coup.

The episode its about time would not have happened if twilight went to prison, and Cerberus wouldn't have left his post, which means Tirek is still stuck in Tartarus.