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Her First Night

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As she lies down on her stained, stinking mat which barely cushioned her against the cold ground, Twilight exhaled heavily as tears began to fall down her face as thoughts began again to race through her mind. She began think about things she had already thought about. She knows that the Want-it-Need-It Spell she casted was a Class 3 Banned spell, and that Mr. Cake had died in the scuffle that followed. Twilight knew that she would be held accountable for her reckless actions and lack of judgement.

Nevertheless, she kept wondering about several things; How long was Princess Celestia going to put her away? Will her friends and family still love her when she gets out? Will her life return to normal after she had served her sentence? What will happen to Spike while she's incarcerated? What will happen to her in prison? Just the thought of having to spend years in a dingy, cold prison cell far away from her friends and family and surrounded by criminals sent chills down her spine. All of these questions and more would be answered tomorrow, when she goes to court to be judged and sentenced.

"Get a hold of yourself Twilight." She said to herself. "You'll make it out of this. You can get through." To alleviate stress and to take her mind off her predicament Twilight thought back on the days when she was a little girl. She was a lonely little filly, with no friends and was socially awkward throughout most of her childhood. But despite her anxiety, she always had Princess Celestia to comfort her. She had always looked up to the Princess as something of a second mother who guided her when she needed her the most. But has her heart began to warm up from her sweet fillyhood memories, it fell back into a state of cold sadness and fear, because that same Princess that she loved her whole life was now  going to put her away in prison to live with other criminals. Tears flooded down Twilight's face with hard and heavy sobbing. Eventually her tears began to form a puddle on the cold, dusty, concrete floor. Truly, her heart was broken.

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I've been thinking about there being an episode like this happening for quite a long time now. I really have. It's been on the chopping block for a while. If such an episode were occur, I can totally expect a screenshot from such an episode looking something like this. I just find it oh so clever how you had that tear on the ground be shaped like a broken heart. Makes me think of an ol' classic episode "The return of harmony". In fact, I can see this actually (In some weird and bizarre way) being an alternate universe's alternate ending to part 2 of that episode. I really do hope to see more pictures like this with the description being a segment from a fanfic you're working on in the future.
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Her first night will be the last night am getting you out of their twilight we're going have a jail brackCURSE YOU! Headbang! 
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tears shaped like a broken heart
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Omega Blade: Princess Celestia. This is ridiculous!
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Omega Blade: Explain this!
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She killed somepony!
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Omega Blade: Twilight, is it true?
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It's true. Mr Cake, who was under Twilight's Want-it-Need-it spell, hit his head on a rock and suffered a concusion aswell as internal bleeding and several broken bones and severe damage to several organs. He eventually died an agonizing death in the hospital.

Twilight has been charged with involuntary ponyslaughter, magical assault, and misuse of magic.
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Omega Blade: Well, the Equestria Law and Order articles does indicate the penalties on misuse of magic, but did Twilight really do that spell, or was it just a misfire? I've checked the inmate archives, and it has been possible in the past.
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Either way that "misfire" resulted in a would be father being put into the ground.
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This what you get for being a nerd
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Yay! You're doing ponies in prison again!
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Not quite actually. I wanted to do a little practice with my drawing tablet in photoshop before doing the Coverart of my Fanfic
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Nice story... it is cool to think of a former teacher becoming the one who pushes her behind bars and locks her up!
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"Celestia please, I just can't bare to see her in there. Let her go."
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"Believe me, I don't like this as much as you do. But two parents lost their little girl because of twilight's recklessness and irresponsible use of a class 3 banned spell. As much as I love Twilight, as Princess, I must uphold the law and put her away."
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"Funny: I seem to recall you saying differently for your sister...and before you reprimand me, might I remind you that HER crimes were just as severe if not more so then what you're student committed. The way I see it, the pony before us may well have finally suffered the long overdo mental breakdown she would inevitably experience knowing that the mare who, for all intents and purposes, was her mother choose her would-be murderer over her own daughter...and DON'T tell me that Luna wouldn't have killed you as Nightmare Moon. In case you've forgotten, I was THERE when the whole thing went down, which means I SAW the look in her eyes when she took you captive: she was only keeping you alive long enough to see the ponies reject you the way they rejected her. In fact, the only reason *I* am still alive was that she needed information that only the guards could provide. Think...think VERY hard about the next words that are going to come out of your mouth, because those next few words are going to determine whether or not I attempt to stop the plans of rebellion this little debacle has started...
Yes, I said rebellion: it might come as a surprise to you, but not everypony is pleased with how you've been running the show and I know for a fact that a good number of the populace see my same points as reason enough to put YOU in a cell at BEST: I'm in a position to see if the rumors are true and thus keep the worst of the detractors from getting too rowdy, but unless you tell me right now why I should...well, let me put it this way: some of your other guards are ALREADY filling out their resignations."
(hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd contribute to this little thing you're doing...though I apologize in advance, as I might have overdid it a bit...)
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Yeah, I'm going to have to terminate this direction. One because that's not at all the direction I'm taking this Fanfic. Two, who are you suppose to be? a ponified version of Lenin?
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to answer that latter point: no, just a guy who's concerned that a certain Princess is perhaps letting the crown wear her and not the other way around, and thus is trying to prevent that rising ego from costing her the thrown...which leads me back to the first point, to which I'd like to apologize: I'd knew there was a possibility that I might have go a bit overboard trying to get the point across...
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"Celestia need I  remind you that an accidental murder, Ponyslaughter (manslaughter) can be acquitted by Mens Rea? She had no guilty mind."
(your testing my education XD I'm taking this stuff in law 30 in high school :3)
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