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:bulletblack: Download: 2560x1600.
:bulletblue: Created & Rendered in C4D.

:bulletred: Check DesignSphere: [link]
:bulletorange: Check my Blog: [link]
:bulletblue: Twitter: [link]
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Hi SpEEdyRoBy. I'm going to use your image as a banner for a post on my blog. I will link back to this page to give you credit for it. When I have a link for the post I will put it here as well. Just wanted to give you a heads up! If you would prefer I not use it just let me know and I can always pull it down. Thanks!
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No problem. Thank you!
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The link will be [link] but the post won't be published until later in the day.

Unfortunately due to the image size constraints of wordpress for banners the bottom portion of the image where you listed your link was cut off so I included a link to this page at the bottom of the post. Hope that works. Thanks again!
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The title of one of my favorite movies...:

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I didn't know about this movie. I think I'll watch this movie sometime.

Thanks for the comment.
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Yeah that looks heaps better. I set it as my wallpaper :)
Why is it WHO I AM?:) Shouldn't it be WHO AM I? I like the 3D text and the shadows look good. You also choose nice colours. But the letter H is flying in the air:)
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I'll change then...thanks for the comm
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