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Onara (Animated Ref Sheet)

Would you believe I've had this one waiting since August last year? It actually predates the art Mew did, (Onara - Paralogos MYO) which is how I got designer credit, even if Mew's art was the only official image of Onara. Either way, I only now got to animating it and..

..You don't see the animation? It IS animated, though.. Well, seperated files, a version without accessories and a low-res gif version, are here:

From Lambda Test, here might be why it's not working:

Google Chrome: Animated PNG (APNG) is not compatible for Chrome browser 4 to 58. Chrome 59 to 67 support this browser property.
Mozilla Firefox: This browser property is compatible for Firefox browser version 2. Firefox 3 to 60 supports this browser element.
Internet Explorer: IE browser 6 to 11 doesn't support this browser element.
Safari: Safari browser version 3.1 to 7.1 doesn't support Animated PNG (APNG). Later Safari browser version 8 to 11.1 is compatible with this browser property.
Microsoft Edge: Animated PNG (APNG) element is not supported by Microsoft Edge browser.
Opera: Opera browser version 15 to 45 doesn't support this browser property. Opera 10.1 to 12.1 and 46 to 53 support this browser element.

Mobile browsers of the above sort may also support APNG.

Alternatively, it could be also be something went wrong during upload. I mean, it is a possibility.
Nope, it definitely works, but it won't automatically trigger. You'll have to "zoom in" before it works. (Click on it, basically.)

And the whole reason for the ref sheet, folks:

Tier 1:
Every few steps, the Paralogos can produce the sound of a deflating whoopie cushion.

Logoslibrary entry:

They hail from the far off land of.. ah well, it's so far off, you wouldn't know it anyway. They're an incredibly serious Paralogos.. well, until you realize they're not, then the illusion is broken and you'd better watch out for whoopee cushions.

Species belong to mewhaku
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cute little paraaa <3
i'm gunna steal those cute little gloves and
and booties >:3ccccc

also BLINKYYYY the lightssss