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Is this not epic during christmas?

Remnas Baten ~ Prologue Chapter


Remnas Baten ~ Prologue Chapter

"Remnas Baten, you stand here before us as the last survivor of the Circle Magi. As far as we are aware, in a matter of months you have become a mage of the Circle. Officially appointed by a fool with his last words." "I would like to object that, my master was" "a fool. He appointed you as Circle Mage without any qualifications, only to keep their council alive. After all, before you, it was he who was the last remaining survivor." Remnas stood there, simply looking at the floor. He could not believe the High Council would speak so low of his master and the rest of the Circle Magi. Even if it had been a move of desperation, Remnas had prove

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Remnas Baten ~ Chapter 1


Remnas Baten ~ Chapter 1

It was exactly this sad state the world was in that drove Remnas to his actions. As a young kid, he discovered his abilities. His parents feared it at first, but he proved to be able to control it just fine. Alas, his own parents had the same problem as countless others. There was simply no way to get him to a school where he could refine these abilities. Despite that, he had practiced himself, finding several ways to make his family's farm a greater success. He had continued to use his abilities to help everyone. Even if his control was not perfect, it was at least on par with someone who had studied for it. A prodigy? Remnas himself believ

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FERP: Tempest's Edge - Caecil Ruvuci

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So.. regarding the 'Sound of Silence'..

So.. regarding the 'Sound of Silence'..

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You are the cutest boy in the universe!!! Hi Speedy~ <3

SpeedyDVVHobbyist General Artist

No. Hi, though.

SpeedyDVVHobbyist General Artist
Finally found you. :P
Nice to meet you again.
Are you locked down in your home just like all the gangs on earth?
SpeedyDVVHobbyist General Artist
Nope. I can go out and buy stuff if I want. :shrug:
hi cutie ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ