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Flair Weather Conky . Made for Conky Manager



Nice Clean Conky for your linux Desktop.
Dark And light version

Weather Icons by +Kelly Kretchek 
Thanks to his free weather icons.

Also Thanks to +zagortenay333  for his work with
Jelly Conky .

Conky Manager Version Below.…

. First install "conky" if you don't have it, also ensure that you have "curl" installed.
sudo apt-get install conky-all curl python-feedparser -y

To change the weather first load up Yahoo! Weather in your browser, search for your city and copy the 6 digit code in the URL. Back in the text editor, scoot down to the line containing the text’ and replace the stock weather code with the one for your location. To change the temperature unit to Fahrenheit replace the ‘c’ at the end of this link with ‘f’.
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See the following Yahoo! web site:

The API has been decommissioned, so it appears the script would have to be significantly modified to work with the newer API.