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Flair Weather Conky . Made for Conky Manager

Nice Clean Conky for your linux Desktop.
Dark And light version

Weather Icons by +Kelly Kretchek 
Thanks to his free weather icons.

Also Thanks to +zagortenay333  for his work with
Jelly Conky .

Conky Manager Version Below.…

. First install "conky" if you don't have it, also ensure that you have "curl" installed.
sudo apt-get install conky-all curl python-feedparser -y

To change the weather first load up Yahoo! Weather in your browser, search for your city and copy the 6 digit code in the URL. Back in the text editor, scoot down to the line containing the text’ and replace the stock weather code with the one for your location. To change the temperature unit to Fahrenheit replace the ‘c’ at the end of this link with ‘f’.
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See the following Yahoo! web site:

The API has been decommissioned, so it appears the script would have to be significantly modified to work with the newer API.

conky isn't showing me the widget.......Please help me someone!!!
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Hey you should put this up on github!
Got it working, but  using powershell (since i come from the .net world ) + had to adjust it a bit to my needs
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This looks awesome, but I can't start it, because I get the error message:
[10:09:02] Desktop: gnome
[10:09:02] Found theme pack [installed]: /usr/share/conky-manager/themepacks/default-themes-2.1.cmtp.7z
[10:09:02] App config loaded: '/home/user/.config/conky-manager.json'
[10:09:02] Searching for conkyrc files... 16 found
Conky: /home/user/.conky/Flair_Weather/Flair _weather_white: 36: no such configuration: 'border_margin'
Conky: forked to background, pid is 11742

Conky: desktop window (180001d) is subwindow of root window (9f)
Conky: window type - desktop
Conky: drawing to created window (0x3c00001)
Conky: drawing to double buffer
cp: cannot stat ‘outlineW/.png’: No such file or directory
Hi. That's great, I've installed it but I got a problem, it doesn't show the name of the city neither degrees. Could you help me?
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This Conky no longer works due to Yahoo weather:(

I get the following message in ~/.cache/weather.xml when I run Flairweather, either from CLI or conky-manager:

<yahoo:error xml:lang="en-US" yahoo:uri=""><yahoo:description>Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem="OST_OAUTH_PARAMETER_ABSENT_ERROR", realm=""</yahoo:description><yahoo:detail>Please provide valid credentials. OAuth oauth_problem="OST_OAUTH_PARAMETER_ABSENT_ERROR", realm=""</yahoo:detail></yahoo:error>

I have obtained the credentials mentioned here, where can I insert them?


Hello all,

After much problems I have been abble to correct the issue with yahoo weather API :

- you can correct your query with the following code (the second answer using yql)…

-now the only problem is the "XML pettry print" format, for wich, we successfully have a python solution, actually this solution was given by gedit users in order to pretty print text files :…

So you should create a python script containing the following

#! /usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import lxml.etree as etree
import traceback
result = ''
for line in sys.stdin:
  result += line
  x = etree.fromstring(result)
  result = etree.tostring(x, pretty_print=True, xml_declaration=True, encoding="UTF-8")
  etype, evalue, etraceback = sys.exc_info()
  traceback.print_exception(etype, evalue, etraceback, file=sys.stderr)
print result

I called it "" and placed it in my workspace.
Following wich you will be abble to launch the following command from a terminal :

curl -s "://*%20from%20weather.forecast%20where%20woeid=HERE_GOES_YOUR_CITY_NUMBER" | python ../Workspace/flair_fixture/ > ~/.cache/weather.xml

ET VOILA ! (as we french say so often)

consequently you should modify your conky script the following way :

${execi 300 curl -s "://*%20from%20weather.forecast%20where%20woeid=55863545" | python /home/your_user/Workspace/flair_fixture/ > ~/.cache/weather.xml}\

Hope this helps guyz :)

Yet there are many more things like icons to work with but I guess this should lead you on the way.
please do not forget "https" and to correct format

sorry about that but it seems is quite severe with all this. :(
After taking a closer look at it, you could encapsulate the "curl" part into a shell script.

Working quite fine after testing it myself !
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Yahoo weather no longer working!
I finally have it displaying right on my desktop (Xubuntu 14.04) but now the weather portion is not working. I set the location code for my city (which is a 4 digit code) and it remains at 1 degree and no location showing. When the letters were scrambled originally, the weather did work.  Conky actually started working on it's own, possibly due to an upgrade as I did not change anything. Did Yahoo change it's  access for Canadian locations. Any help would be appreciated
Hey, awesome theme. One question - I've changed the format to 24h but I still get AM/PM written under the time - how can I get rid of it? Played with time settings in conkyrc but haven't got far, it's still there.
Thanks in advance!
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Remove this Command from the conky config 

${time %p}  & save
Brilliant, that's what I was looking for - thanks a lot!
I am facing a problem with conky..wether icons are not showing...pls help..m using eos freya.
Hi! I'm a beginner Linux user, so can you help me about the installation? I can't find file to start this program. BTW thank you! 
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This is made for conky Manager!
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Your Using elementary O.S. This one will not work for your O.S
Use this link and this should work for you.
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Install Conky Manager.…
also install this
sudo apt-get install conky-all curl python-feedparser -y

Just unzip folder to .conky folder and refresh conky manager.
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