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All In one circle conky. Made for Conky Manager

Running Xfce 14.04

Enjoy this Cool looking conky

Conky link for Conky Manager V 2.2…

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curl is not installed by default on Ubuntu. Fetching weather information will silently fail.

One can either install curl package or edit ~/.conky/All\ in\ circle/circle and change command to use wget instead when downloading weather data: 
${texeci 1300 wget "…" -O ~/.cache/weather.xml}
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Hi, it is a awensome wallpaper, but i am getting trouble trying to using it.
I am using Deepin 2014 and it is not working. The clock appears but a huge black area appears to, around in the main conky.
I am using Conky manager.

The image can be seen by this link:

Could someone help, please?
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Hi guys, I already fix the problem.
Just go to Edit Menu on the Conky Manager and change the Transparency mode to "Transpararency" instead of the default "Pseudo-Transparency".

I am posting a image of the solution:

See ya, thanks for this conky, its really awensome.
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Yes Good stuff. Thanks
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Nice skin!
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Nice work again speedracker!
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