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DeviantART will delete all Fake ACCOUNTS or waste accounts if you write a journal about it they will know not to delete your account!YOU NEED TO BE WARNED!!!There's a hacker lurking around DeviantART that will change your password and put Thomas the tank pictures in your and post inappropriate pics on your account.They will post bad pictures only if they hack your account. If they found out you posted a journal entry about this warning, they will know what's up and they won't hack your account. They will also be posting journal entries saying things like "I hate you all! Go die!" and remove all your watchers. The best thing you could do now is copy this warning and post for all your friends and watchers to see and spread the word! The hacker will go around hacking accounts and block your friends to get your friends to block you back, get you in trouble, and get you banned from DeviantART.If you want to save your account, you should make a journal entry with this warning to keep the hacker from hacking your account. So, SPREAD THE WORD!
Hi EveryPony My name Is Jayvee Sorry For my Username xD I Do SpeedPaints In My Youtube Channel Jayvee'sLovelyChannel Feel Free to check it out i love posting my art in DA its Fun To share how I do my art I don't draw because I'm Just starting summer school in 2017 Thats why I use bases a lo xD but don't worry i will draw my own Thanks for vistiing my DA Feel Free to Watch me see you >w<