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^ This is some new info I've added to my dA profile.

I'm finally on Tumblr, but I'm restricting the work I upload on there a bit.
That being said, I've decided to convert my dA to be just a space for fanart, and leave my tumblr and instagram for the more serious stuff.

I know this probably doesn't sound exciting to you since I haven't uploaded anything interesting in a long time, but just give me some time. Trust me, now that I have a lot of my shit together I'll be better about posting here.

I was going to do a mass upload tonight, but I keep getting submission errors. I'll have to try again later this weekend.

  * * * * * *

Anyway, things are going great for me. I've been living in an apartment with Ian for a year now and life couldn't be any better (well, I could be in California or something, but this will do for now).

How are all of you? :la:
Plz comment and chat with me a bit.
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I recently made an Instagram account.
If you're interested in following me, you can find me here~…

That's where I will be sharing most recent art updates, because I don't put everything up on deviantArt.
(I am also slow to update my dA)

That being said, YES I will still be making fan art.
I have so much desire to make so much fanart right now, you can't even believe how bad it is.

Here are some animations I have made:

The Cookie Quest -

Fertilization -

:star: Happy New Year everyone! :star:
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There is currently an art contest on Pinterest sponsored by an art supply store.

I'm trying to help my boyfriend (Iananimator)'s amazing stepmother, Liz (lizzelizzel) win the award.
She has done so much for me and she is about to do a lot of traveling for the betterment of her art education, and she needs as much help as she can get!

All you have to do is "Like ♥" this pin on Pinterest -…

If you don't have an account, it's insanely simple and easy to just make one for the sake of voting (that's what I did).

I also have an entry in this contest -…

If you would like to help Liz even further, you can:

Watch her on dA! c: lizzelizzel
Check out her website -
Follow her on Etsy -
Facebook -…
Tumblr -
Twitter -

Yay social media spam :la:


Why do you watch me?

Fri Oct 28, 2011, 8:32 PM
I'm just curious. c:

I'll accept any answer, so please comment.