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Sword Training intro

I'm really angry at my scanner right now!!! D:<<
IT'S TOO SMALL!!! All my paper just has to be too big for my TINY SCANNER. >_<
Anyways... This was the top panel that I had to cut off of the rest.
I drew it a couple weeks ago when Sega finally posted a microsite for Sonic and the Black Knight; I saw who the playable characters were going to be, and this... er... comic.. thing... came to my mind in the middle of the night. C:
o_o;; First time I ever drew Jet. ~(why is he in this game anyways? D: )

Sword Training Table of Contents
- Intro -
[link] ~ Sword Training
[link] ~ Sonic
[link] ~ Shadow
[link] ~ Knuckles
[link] ~ Blaze
[link] ~ Silver
[link] ~ Jet

[link] ~ extra
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But, wheres Nimue?
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
I was actually thinking about including Amy in the comic at first (or at least having a little short about her like the one I did of Zelda and Link) but I never got around to it.
cool ,awesome,super comic!!!!! but....where is Amy? xD It's just a joke :D AWESOME COMIC ;D
Silverthehedgehog747's avatar
I love your Black night series it's hilarious
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Silverthehedgehog747's avatar
Your welcome thnx for creating them :)
Silverthehedgehog747's avatar
Thank you again, your awesome!!!! :)
Huski-Fan's avatar
this is going to lead to a horrible end...
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
But the game is great. :3
mariethehedgehog's avatar
i was just thinking this.. why jet have teeth in sonic riders!? is't he a bird!?oO
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
xD I was thinking the same thing!
Open-your-Heart's avatar
OMFG! There´s a top XD
First time Jet? Looks good. *takes a look at her first Sonic-Char EVER* O well ^^;
Prepare for me. I´m coming and I´m... stealing silver XD
:sprint: Mine! XD
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Yeah, if my scanner wasn't so retarded then I'd have enough room to have to top included with the rest of it.
Thanks. C: I messed up on his mohawk-hair feather thingys though; they're too small. O:

D; Silver noooooo! (yes he's adorable, isn't he? x3)
Open-your-Heart's avatar
I don´t even have a scanner XD
BTW, I don´t want to unlpock Jet in BK. Silver was pain enough :cries: xD No, think he looks great

MINE! XD :evillaugh: YES He is! MINE!
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
AH, yeah defeating Lancelot was tough when he had Chaos Spear and... x_x Holey shit Shadow do you have to use Chaos Blast every time I try to attack? I thought I'd have nightmares of giant red forcefields. xD
Thanks. C;

D; Eh, WHA..? Nooouu!...
Fine then, I'll have to draw myself an even adorabler picture of Silver then! C:<
Open-your-Heart's avatar
I finally got 5 stars. Phew.
But I died so often, I just thought: "Oh no. I´ll get stuck like in Unleased. But in Unleashed i´m in a freaking Daytime-Stage called Eggmanland :chainsaw: "
I had them xD

XD I put him into his costume xD
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
D; Oh my god Eggmanland was so horrid!!! And I can't get better than rank E. >_< Eh, wtf?!

My god, costume from Sonic Rivals? O_O
Open-your-Heart's avatar
I gave up playing unleashed ^^;
I hat beeing stuck somewhere the whole holidays -_-

Sonic... waht?
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Ah, ah, but you should finish sometime because the ending is really good. x3
Takes forever to finally beat Dark Gaia though... x__x

Sonic Rivals, for PSP. C:
I don't have a PSP, so I don't have the game; but my cousin does. o:
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Awesome! I love how SIlver looks! :D
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