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Sword Training- Silver

Comic by me with the most panels and most telekinesis thus far!
More hatred between Link and Sonic characters! O:
And I know, Silver doesn't throw his spear-sword thingy in battle mode. xP I couldn't think of a better way to finish this thing. So how does he officially learn how to not throw his sword?... Erm, Blaze teaches him, there, problem solved, let's move on. 8D

I had to make this tiny so it could be the right size for my scanner. xD
Here is one of my legendary size comparison pictures featuring a penny~ [link]

And I am very sorry it took so long for me to finally finish this.
xD I was so desperate I had to do the sketching and inking in school.
If you see any errors in illustration here, it's due to my friend Noah who wouldn't stop moving my desk during Health class when I was inking this. -___-;; He also says I make Link look like a girl, and that Silver looks like an old man... O__o
Uh, anyways,

Silver © SEGA
Link © Nintendo

Sword Training Table of Contents
[link] ~ Intro
[link] ~ Sword Training
[link] ~ Sonic
[link] ~ Shadow
[link] ~ Knuckles
[link] ~ Blaze
[link] ~ Jet

[link] ~ extra
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Don't listen to Link Silver, I care about you! Not to mention your one of my favorite hedgehogs! 
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WHAT?!  No one cares about Silver?  I love you, Silver!  You're one of my favs!  Btw, SEGA BETTER put you in the storyline of the next Sonic game!
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I love how link is the trainer
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Haha. Thanks. It's explained in the very first sword training comic.
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I was laughing so much through this.
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You know, I actually have a character partially based off Silver, and I literally JUST thought of this conversation between him and Link:


Damien: Who even needs a sword anyways? Most of us can use magic as-is.

Link: Well, what if you're fighting an opponent that's immune to magic?

Damien: Good point... Though I have telekinesis; I could just as well launch a projectile at a range- which is in fact more effective, considering the significant speed increase.

Link: What about those of us that don't have telekinesis?

Damien: It must be REALLY boring for you. (BBC Sherlock reference)

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It's psychokinesis not telekinesis  
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It would have been hilarious is when Silver picked up link he said 'It's No use!" XD
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AWWWW we love Silver :C
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Take that back, Link! D:
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