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Sword Training- Shadow

Link hates Shadow. xD

Btw, that little poof spark thing (that's seen in pannel 8 & 10) is my lame way of indicating chaos control.

xD And I messed up on Link in the last pannel.
Oh well.
I had to ink this while in science class. xD I'm using my time wisely!

Shadow & Sonic © SEGA
Link © Nintendo

Sword Training Table of Contents
[link] ~ Intro
[link] ~ Sword Training
[link] ~ Sonic
- Shadow -
[link] ~ Knuckles
[link] ~ Blaze
[link] ~ Silver
[link] ~ Jet

[link] ~ extra
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Link was amazed to discover that when Shadow said "as you wish" he meant "I love you."
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Shadow is AWESOME (is a shadow fangirl XD)
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I just love how Link is just like, "Lemme give you a real challenge. Fight me." And is all confident and then Shadow totally OWNS him in one hit, and this is Shadow's first time in a sword fight! Link has been doing it for who-knows-how long! Just wait till he gets a taste of Chaos Punishment. XD
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Tsk, tsk... Link you should know better than to underestimate someone nicknamed "The Ultimate Lifeform" in a world with characters like Silver, Blaze, and Sonic. XD
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Link: HEy hsadow guess what 
Link:Final smash 
Shadow:Oh shit
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No Shadow....GOD is...
StoneTowerMenace's avatar
truer words have yet to be said.
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thats right and sonic can beat you shadow
ameliathebat's avatar
That maybe so...But God..God is watching..He knows...He knows..
sonicandsora25's avatar
lol i never knew that shadow could think that way xD
8Imagination8's avatar
ha ha lolz me is comparing Shadow to Dark Link
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There should be one of these with Metal Sonic.
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sonic 06. link is silver.
SakuraDreamerz2's avatar
hahaha! looks like Shadow had a point there! XD
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Woah,woah,WOAH he did not bleed?!
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SHADOW WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHADOW WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHADOW WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome work, man!
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