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Sword Training- Knuckles

Sorry this one lacks an appropriate amount of humor... ^^; I hate it when I get a comic-block.

Link thinks Knuckles is stupid. xD

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Link © Nintendo

Sword Training Table of Contents
[link] ~ Intro
[link] ~ Sword Training
[link] ~ Sonic
[link] ~ Shadow
[link] ~ Blaze
[link] ~ Silver
[link] ~ Jet

[link] ~ extra
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Blue-Moon-Warrior's avatar
Knux deserves way more respect.  He's one of my fav characters along with Shadow, Silver, and Sonic.
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Agreed. I know I was harsh on him in the comic, but trust me, he's one of my top favorites.
StoneTowerMenace's avatar
Why does everyone think Knuckles is stupid? >A<
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
I don't really think he is. I think it's just fun to tease him ^^
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Yeah trust me, he's one of my favorite characters. Not even joking I'm actually wearing a knuckles shirt right now.
StoneTowerMenace's avatar
Oh nice. personally, my favorite would be a tie between Silver, Tails, Metal Sonic, and E.... er, Sonic.
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
First favorite is definitely Silver for me, though it you're talking classic sonic games I always go for knuckles.
Then again I love all the characters haha
StoneTowerMenace's avatar
Not so much from my perspective... characters like Omochao, Elise, Marine, and Big need to burn in hell.
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
I definitely hate Elise, but I don't really consider her a character...
I'm just talking about playable characters.
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LOL XD We love it anyways
CarlostheBat36's avatar
kerorogunso2468's avatar
knuckles= bad@&&
rest= idiots
kerorogunso2468's avatar
emperorshaokahn123's avatar
all this for nothing since my friend and I knocked him out in one hit for the VERY first time
ToryFlores's avatar
Aaahh... Knuckles -_-
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
gotta love him though cx
Irenezelle's avatar
Btw. The sword thing was really clever.
Nice work! ;)
Irenezelle's avatar
Knuckles has been proven pretty gullible at times. I think most of that comes from his inexperience in a social life. He's been guarding the Master Emerald by himself for years and hasn't had any contact with anyone other the inhabitants of Angel Island (the cute little animals and such). That's probably why he's been fooled by Eggman on multiple occasions, though to be honest - I'd figure he's not to be trusted after the second attempt. -_-"

I actually like Knuckles for his complexity as a character, and his psychological need to guard the Master Emerald (mostly because he's trying to protect at least one important artifact that his species left behind so that at least his life would have a purpose, considering he's the last echidna in existence... or is he? lol Sonic chronicles cannon).

Before Sonic Heroes, Knuckles was devoted to his guarding duties - and while some might think he's a lazy prick, he's got a reason for having the Emerald slip up all the time. He lives on an island ALONE, with a powerful energy source that everyone would want to steal at any time, and he has to take night shifts, which might explain why he's always napping at some points during the day. I guess the only time he's allowed to step from the Emerald is to get some food and take a piss, but that's it.

... Then again, he could've just built a house around the Master Emerald to protect it the easy way, but that takes time and effort, which he doesn't have.

I like how in the later games, Knuckles started opening up to his friends and trusting them more than Eggman, but he abandoned his guardian duties just to pose as a filler character and Sonic's companion. He at least had an excuse in earlier games for going on adventures with Sonic, and that was mostly because his Emerald was involved and he needed to return it to his island.

Maybe if Rouge or Shade got dragged into his lifestyle, they might help him get organized and keep the Master Emerald under tight security. Shade is already an echidna who understands Knuckles well enough, so that could work. Rouge would've worked if her experience from the ending of SA2 actually taught her anything about stealing jewels. Knuckles even got to comfort and warm up to her, hinting at a possibility of a relationship starting off.

I can already see it... Knuckles & Rouge.
And then the Shadouge fans will go nuts and clobber me stupid. (I'm a Shadouge fan though, but I don't try to make Knuckles look like a jerk in the fanfics I write).

So yeah, I'll stop ranting now. xD
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