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Sword Training- Jet

I finally finished this series! Holy crap! xD
I might make another random extra though, I dunno. o:

This one is almost as short as Blaze's. Terrifyingly short compared to Silver's. :lmao:
Anyways, I don't really recall Jet having some special super power, except his ability to ride, because he was only in Sonic Riders of course. xD
I was surprised to see him as Sir Lamorak in Battle Mode. x.x

I totally didn't notice this until I finished coloring, but, the first four panels aren't supposed to be outside. xD I accidentally made grass instead of a gray floor with yellow walls like all the other comics. Oh well.
And the fifth panel- that's cat hair on link's face. -__-;;
I'm too busy to re-scan it, sorry. ^^;

Link © Nintendo
Jet © SEGA

Sword Training Table of Contents
[link] ~ Intro
[link] ~ Sword Training
[link] ~ Sonic
[link] ~ Shadow
[link] ~ Knuckles
[link] ~ Blaze
[link] ~ Silver
- Jet -

[link] ~ extra
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Shadisfaction's avatar
Omg lol it was reeeally funny, i love this comic so much xDD
ChaosRiderV3X's avatar
Should have brought an Ark of the Cosmos with you, Jet. XD
ChaosRiderV3X's avatar
Instead we get another Gail Meteor. XD
StoneTowerMenace's avatar

No, Jet, 'riding' is not a super power. You're just an egotistical flightless bird with a Napolean complex.



Wait that's it. his super power is being a smartass.

StoneTowerMenace's avatar
:lol: I can't believe it, but I re-read my comment, and made myself laugh! XD
looks like jet was a fail and sega was right
TesaraRush's avatar
Jet has limited wind control, as seen in the opening of Riders. It couldn't have just been his board that let him do a high speed 90°down turn without breaking, I don't know... EVERY BONE IN HIS BODY.
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
True, it would be cool if they could elaborate on his abilities. It's neat for a hawk to have wind powers
TesaraRush's avatar
Eh, his being "the legendary wind master" was only brought up a few times, and I just deduced his insane boarding skill to that.
8Imagination8's avatar
Ha ha lol...but now that I think about it...Link doesn't have any superpowers either...he always relies on magical objects and stuff.
8Imagination8's avatar
yup...maybe his power is courage
xXfear-the-fireXx's avatar
jet: i cat ride fast

link: i said super powers

jet: fine then, in can ride SUPER fast

XD haha, classic
SakuraDreamerz2's avatar
SakuraDreamerz2's avatar
Yeah, though I also wonder what powers he has...hmmmmm....
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
SakuraDreamerz2's avatar
Or if he even HAS any powers
Naroco101's avatar fail at life
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