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Sonic with some Roses

Over the summer while I was at a Disney resort, I decided to doodle a couple Sonamy pictures while my younger brother was working his way through watching every My Little Pony episode.

Sooooo yesterday I found the lineart to this picture sitting on my desktop and spontaneously decided to color it.
So here you go!
I know many of you want this from me. xD

I happen to own the Sonamy Facebook page! -> [link]
Go like it! :thumbsup:

You know I really have no idea how it happened. A long time ago I noticed there wasn't a page for Sonamy (there are like, a million pages now) so I made one really quickly so that it could be in my likes...
Then a year later I go back and see that I have 1,000 likes o__o
So I'm like, oh crap. xD Somehow I managed to have the most popular page.
So I'm going to keep it up. c:

I'll also be adding new admins soon, to help me moderate.
If you're interested, inbox me!


Please credit me if you want to use this picture for something. c:

Sonic & Amy © SEGA
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:heart: Awww... so cute~! :heart:
Very nice color choices~ I like the fairy-tale look with the texture background!~
qwp... your fb page has been dead. xD For like... a year and a half now... do you still want admins on there or...? o:
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OMG If you are interested in helping me be an admin I will totally be up for that xD
I have been so busy with college that I have been dead pretty much everywhere....
Alsoooo thank you so much for reminding me to get on there xD
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Hahahaha, I'm not quite sure how to be admin, actually @ w @...
Awww man, that sucks :hug: I get'cha... I'm not even in there yet, and I already don't have time or energy for anything else trying to keep high grades... ;w;...
You're welcome :3 I saw it was the highest Sonamy page and it was inactive with so many likes and was like D8 *gasps up all the air in the room*
(Shall I note you the name of my fb so you can add me? o: )

ps, I wrote another reply, but apparently dA didn't sent it? Or maybe it is and you're reading this again xD woops.
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Woah I had no idea the text could get tiner than "small" haha
Also sure, note me! c:
And i'm glad you could understand...Ah school in general has always been this way, though college is actually a lot easier than high school (or middle school, almost o.o) because of all the free time you get to have. Buuuut I spend that free time working on my school-related art or something. I honestly don't know where all the time goes... x'D

Oh but also, to be admin you really just have to check the posts people make and be sure that they aren't anti-sonamy (I delete or respond to comments that shouldn't belong on the page). And then I want to start a thing where I post sonamy art work from other people on dA, I've started a little list of deviants/works I'd like to feature and at least have one post a week maybe... Ideally a post a day would be awesome but I forget easily. xD and that's where you could possibly come in. Idk : 3
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I'm liking your FB page since sometime last year? Lovely pic BTW.
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You're welcome ^-^
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saw it on facebook :) its awesome
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<font><font>boso geil^^  ich liebe sonamy sonamy forever</font></font>
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<font><font>Entschuldigung i mean i love that pic ad i love sonamy sonamy forever</font></font>
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hey!! i saw it on facebook!! :D
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