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Eggman's Absolution

Silver never dreams about decent things. xD

Dr. Eggman & Silver © SEGA
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Dragonkitten32's avatar
...tails should run...
Scyphi's avatar
...hide your tails, Tails. Eggman is coming for them. :P
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Well. Can't argue with his fashion sense here. It'd look good on him! :XD:

...But could he still use it to fly, though? :plotting:
DCLeadboot's avatar
Wow! That's a heck of a disturbing nightmare for Silver... :XD:;;
ADayForYou's avatar
i was laughing and then silvers face made me die
luvkirby4ever's avatar
This was an adventure from one panel to the next.  Well done!  x`D
EclispeTheHedgehog12's avatar
omg 0-0 your so evil eggman ina disturibing way...
BlackHoleVortex's avatar
that's not decent in the slightest.
Team-Friction's avatar
Dude. Just get a tall hat.
TheUndecidedArtist's avatar
You know what....I believe it
Dat face at the end tho
oOSummer-DreamOo's avatar
Oh my gosh. So that is the reason why!!
BoxcarChildren's avatar

Bad Dream Silver! :iconwthplz:


here's a thought maybe egghead likes Tails causes he's smart like him just a thought. :p


SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Yeah they'd make a good team...hah
BoxcarChildren's avatar
but it's not going to happen =D
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