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Cosmo the Floran

She's not as innocent as she seems, or as you may remember her.
Sssshe's got the desire to sssstab just as any floran does.

This is Cosmo the Seedrian I've transformed into a Floran from the amazing game, Starbound.

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ok this is going to my favorites
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I think a certain 2 tailed fox just shat himself XD
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this really expands on some ideas I have. I probably won't use this exactly, but it defintly inspires something I had.   unless you wanted me to use it ;p but I wasn't planning on it anyway
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May the force be with you
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idk she seems pretty cute to me
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So florans are like.. Humanoid alien species that evolved from aggressive predatory plantlife?
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I suppose so, yeah. They're my favorite race from Starbound :peace:
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She looks good. Of course, if she does try to stab me I'll kill her and steal her stuff. If she doesn't stab, then I'll just steal some of her stuff.
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lol. That's how encounters in Starbound always go.
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IT HAPPENED. Finally! Oh my Gosh. Cosmo is best Floran.
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It's the first thing I knew I wanted to draw after discovering Florans lol
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I made a tumblr post saying "Cosmo is best Floran". I've been thinking to draw Cosmo as one, but you've beat me to it and much better at that!
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Haha thanks, I'm surprised no one else beat me to it
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Beautiful and amazing!!XD
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the amount of love i have for this... 

Im almost wanting commissions of this now... almost...
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omg is this Cosmo from Sonic X...?
This is really amazing. I love how you drew the mouth, and the lining and color makes it look almost like stained glass. Just beautiful.

If you ever feel like drawing another Floran, I would be much obliged if you could take a crack at mine.
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Thank you very much. c:
And yeah, I think I'll be drawing an Avian and Hylotl for a couple other friends, but will definitely be wanting to do another Floran. Perhaps one less feminine than this one too...haha
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