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Come to my town this Harvest Festival!

Or I can come to yours!

You see, there seems to be a problem...
My Animal Crossing (City Folk) town is lacking apples and cherries!
EDIT: (Thanks to ~Linds-A I now have apple saplings in my town! So now I only need cherries :3 )

So let's be thankful for fruits and share the magic of friendship via wifi!

My town has:
Pears, peaches, oranges, and coconuts
If you are missing any of these, then they can be all yours. c:
(Fruit trade!)
If you have cherries and would be willing to give them to me, please please please let me know.
Leave a comment, or send me a note, whichever you prefer, and we can exchange friend codes and find a time to play.
Tonight or tomorrow morning would work the most for me, but if you'd rather swap fruits later then we can figure something out. c:

Happy Thanksgiving

Characters shown are me and Ian. c;
Painted with watercolors, a little editing help from Photoshop CS5.
Animal Crossing & Rosie © Nintendo
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kerorogunso2468's avatar
SAME problem in my town in acnl, i got peaches from isabelle, oranges in the mail and pears were my native fruit... i just cant get apples or cherries T~T
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Aw :c yeah they don't make it as easy as it was in wild world.
RaspberryFanta's avatar
I have cherries if you'd still like to come! :iconcherriesplz:
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
sorry for my reaction.
This is so exciting. ;u;
I'm definitely interested!
Uhh but I won't be able to come for about a week or so.
Do you think perhaps we could fruit swap on the evening of Friday the 19th?
(note me! c: )
AbsoluteDream's avatar
D'aw, this is adorable. :D I love how you drew the characters! And the colours look amazing. You're so good with watercolours. ^^
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Awwhehe cx thanks! I want to make more of these! xD the characters are just too cute
PhotoBoy101's avatar
Nice work here.


Can't wait for Animal Crossing: New Leaf :u
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Thank you :3
I can't wait either, except I will have to mooch off of my brother's 3DS...
(I don't have one yet, probably won't be able to get one anytime soon because college is coming up... X'c )
PhotoBoy101's avatar
welcome :3

Well that boots :c
Martyr94's avatar
I just couldn't have watercoloring eh?
You just HAD to master that too?
You make me sick
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Hey hey hey xD
I like all traditional mediums really : P
But like I said, I enhanced a couple things in photoshop
Martyr94's avatar
This conversation is over
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cartwheelkitty's avatar
awww!!! :love: this is soooooo cute!! =D =D
great pic!! ^^
happy thanksgiving!! ^w^
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Thank you! cx You too c:
cartwheelkitty's avatar
your welcome!! =D thanks :3
Iananimator's avatar
Mushrooms! You must be in my town. Also the best thing about this drawing is the textures in the grass. I love the splotchy-ness of it all! Very Fall-esque.
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
thank you :3 And nope, the mushrooms come during November
But sure we can be in Nearth if you want it to be that was, I mean there is a serious lack of flowers going on in the picture compared to Treehut xD
Th3AntiGuardian's avatar
Hey there, not sure if I could get on, but I do have Apples in my town and would be willing to trade sometime. Actually just started playing City Folk again after going a year without popping it in my Wii.
Let me know and I can try to get my friend code to you

Very nice drawing by the way!
SpeedLimit-Infinity's avatar
Thank you, and thanks for the offer too c: actually someone else has just given me apples, so that part is covered, but if you'd still like to visit sometime or vice versa we could still do that :D
Th3AntiGuardian's avatar
That's fine, like I said I wasnt quite sure if I could even get on to get u the apples. But I would definitely like to, havent really used the online feature on that game. Next time I'm on City Folk, I'll get my friend code and send u a note on here with it. Thanks! :)
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