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A Break from Training

:iconhurrplz: Sonic overheard Link on the phone, and couldn't resit. Link is embarrassed.

Uhhh... I felt like being random. xD

This is just an extra I'm throwing in with the Sword Training series.

Sonic © SEGA
Link and Zelda © Nintendo

Sword Training Table of Contents
[link] ~ Intro
[link] ~ Sword Training
[link] ~ Sonic
[link] ~Shadow
[link] ~ Knuckles
[link] ~ Blaze
[link] ~ Silver
[link] ~ Jet
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LOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That caught me off guard! *fell to the ground while laughing* XD
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Can't *pant* stop *pant laughing HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA *dies of laughter*
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Pfft! This this hilarious! Busteeeeed!:lol:  
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XD so link this what you do when your alone!?
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Sonic's trolling Link. :D
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That's something I'll say
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XD hahaha I wounder what Zelda is thinking on the other line!!!
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Link go kill sonic.
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aww it's done already!? But this was funny!!
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Aw thanks c: and yep, sorry :c wish I had more ideas to draw out
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