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Hi everybody !

I haven't been active on dA for a while, and I probably won't come back within a long time (I'm begining my 4th year in College), but I still have time to play Pokémon X.
That's why I'd like you to add me in your FC list if you want to, I'll add you back with pleasure :)

My Safari is an Electric type, but I can't remember which Pokémon there is, ahah :p Anyway, feel free to add me

FC : 2750-2169-8235

Comment with yours and I'll add you !
Hi there !

Oh my god, I can't remember the last time I've done something concrete on dA !
Anyways, I'm half back. Why half ? Because I won't post anything by me on this account.
However, I won't stop making maps, sprites or drawings of Pokémon !

As I need points, I'm going to start taking commissions today. You'll find the details therefore :

Pokémon sprites : 70 :points:

You can ask me to make you a front Pokémon sprite of your choice, real or fake. Shinies are free.
However, I will not accept to make a sprite if you can't give me a picture of your fakemon.

Exemple :

Fakemon linearts : 90 :points:

You can ask me to draw you a clean lineart of a Fakemon of your choice. I will draw it in another pose, if you want so, and make a lineart of it so you will be able to colour it (I won't do it).

Exemple :

Fakemon design : 200 :points:

You can ask me to create a new Fakemon of your choice. I will only accept detailed demands. In addition to the sketch, a lineart of your Fakemon will be done (but not coloured).

Exemple : (colours by DaybreakM. The result won't be like this.)

Pokémon Maps : from 100 to 300 :points:

You can ask me to make you a Pokemon map of your choice. I will only accept detailed demands.
I've got basic exterior tilesets of any of the following Pokémon games : RSE, FRLG, DDPt, HGSS and BW (less complete). You can give me additional tiles, or even tilesets but I will not make you new tiles (or very small ones, and for more :points:).

Details for the :points: : I will adapt them to the map size, but you can nearly count 70 :points: for a 30x30 map and maximum 300 :points: for a 100x100 map (I won't do bigger maps).

Exemple : (these map and tiles are private, do not steal them).


Please ask by notes if you want to take a commission.
Il will only accept 3 demands per time.

Current commissions :

:iconxd010dx: : sprites x 3

:iconclaudiamore: sprite + artwork

:iconartohpokemon: : sprites x 3

Thanks all :)

PS : Watch them : :icondaybreakm: :iconboomxbig: :iconkyle-dove: :iconzerudez: :iconmisterreno: :iconultimospriter: :iconesteliapkmn:
Salut à tous, ça fait bien longtemps que je n'ai pas écrit quelque chose ici !

J'ai acheté le nouvel album de Daft Punk hier (jour de sa sortie, en grand fan que je suis), fait pour TRON, et il est... Comment dire.. Wow ! Ils ont fait un mix excellent entre musique symphonique et électronique, c'est dingue ! Les deux collent parfaitement bien ensemble et ça donne une atmosphère vraiment spéciale, mais très captivante pour autant !
Je pense que TRON va être différent avec cet OST ! Et je pense aller voir le film juste pour voir comment Daft Punk a fait correspondre la musique avec le film (et aussi parce que je trouve les combinaisons stylées) !

Sur ce, je vous conseille ne serait-ce que de l'écouter, il en vaut la peine (et écoutez aussi les 5 chansons bonus, un peu plus électro pour ceux qui aiment).

Ciao, avec de nouvelles deviations sous peu ! ;)


Hi everyone, it's been a long time since i haven't written something here !

I've bought new Daft Punk's album, made for TRON, and it's... How to tell it.. Wow ! They've made such a good mix between symphonic music and elctronic music, it's amazing !
I think TRON'll got a truly different atmosphere with this OST ! And i'll watch this movie just to see how Daft Punk made to make this music match with the movie.

I advise you to listen to it, it deserve it (and the 5 bonus tracks, a little more electronical too, for the ones who like it).

Ciao, with new deviations soon ! ;)
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  • Playing: Pokémon Platinum and Diamond !
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Happy New Year everybody !

I hope 2009 will be a successful year ! A rich year full of news and fun !

Je vais faire le gros du message en français, je suis français nondidiou ! Tout d'abord je vous souhaite l'habituelle bonne année pleine de bonheur et tout le tralala ! Je vous promets plein de choses, des petits dessins de groupe et bien sûr du nouveau sur CE !

Bye everybody !
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  • Playing: Pokémon Platinum very soon !
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As you saw, I'm back on dA !

Everybody tell me : I want a demo, I want a demo ! on many forums (even here), so I work on my demo ! It'll appear on october, I hope !

You will discover 22 new Pokémon, the heroes, the teams, the first Gym Leader and the begining of the story !

And of course, you will know it here ;)

See you very soon with the news of Pokémon Cinder & Foam !
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OMG, I always forget to put my dA friends on my journals ! If you sent me an invitation to be my friend, please, post it here, I'll add you !

I'm not sick anymore, and SSBB come out soon, so, I'm very happy !

Please tell me !
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  • Watching: myself =p
  • Playing: I restarted Zelda TP !
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You could determine it, there aren't new drawings... However, I'm in holidays, but I'm sick, and besides, I move soon, and I have to benefit of my friends and prepare all this. This summer, it doesn't risk abounding either...
Ma galerie est en train de se remplir, et je suis content de voir que certains de mes Fakemon vous plaisent, que quelques personnes les ajoutent à leur favoris, et que d'autres m'ajoutent dans leur liste d'amis ^^ La génération avance cependant vite, et je compte poster plusieurs maps de mon jeu Pokémon Cendre, voir une démo quand elle sortira.

English :

My gallery is filling, and I am happy to see that some of my Fakemon please you, that some persons add them in them favourites, and that others add me in their friends' list ^^ The generation quickly advances however, and I intend to post several maps of my game Pokémon Cinder, and can be even an outline of game when I would have finished the first towns.


Friends' list :

:iconumbreonoctie: | :iconmuimushroom: | :iconkyle-dove: |:icongaiasrebirth: | :iconconcore: | :iconheavynova: | :iconsynopsy: | :icondragotarx1: | :iconsayuri101: | :icondigix101: | :iconnephynowel: | :iconxd010dx: | :iconwraithxxvii: | :iconlucasrib: | :iconzangusu: | :iconnadou: | :iconlilfurman: