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Fanart Friday - Worms Again!?
A definitively much better remake compared to the last time I tried to remake of the Graboids from the Tremors franchise. 

This time around they are massive annelid worms related to the Bobbit-worm, but it lives solely in the deserts and sandy parts of the world eg. Nevada, Mexico, Kenya, the Sahara, and Australia. Some rumors have suggested that there may be a species that lives in/near the poles, but there is no real verification (skrw Tremors 6).

These creatures' physiology and anatomy are very interesting, and just now we are beginning to understand how they work. They have a special shield-like carapace on their "head" that allows them to swim through loose soil and sand with less resistance than is necessary. Aside from their shield and plow jaws they have to extendable mandibles on the side of their head that allows them to make sure that anything that their specialized antenna drag to them does not escape.
Their life-cycle is a bit wonky to say the least. The graboids start out as most animals in the world do, in an egg. The young worms are known as shooters, so called because they dig small tunnels and then jump out at any potential prey they hear with vibrations. Like a deadly combination of a bobbit worm and a rocket. (live for 10 days-1 month)
When they grow to be adult graboids the cycle gets trippy, they are hermaphrodites so they have both reproductive organs. However the have a reproductive system that allows them stay in place while their organs look for other organs and reproduce, like some other annelids, but they take it to the extreme. They have three organs inside of them so when all the organs get out of them they usually erupt the abdominal cavity killing the worm. (live for 1-10 years)
The wandering genitals of the graboids aren't fully, completely developed yet so they can wander around killing other creatures and shrieking (hence
shriekers) until they are fully developed. When the genitals are fully developed they develop wings and a combustion system like a rocket that allows them to travel far and wide, hence called Ass-Blasters. They disperse pheromones and heat to attract other ass-blasters in order to reproduce, then both will go and lay eggs elsewhere and then these flying vag***-d**** finally die off.

Well this was a long one, I hope you guys like it.
Have a nice day! :)


AIROS places the new and old survivors on an ark like nothing ever seen before. On this ark you will be placed on inter-connected floating islands thousands of feet in the air which are anchored to the few islands that are available on the, mostly oceanic, surface. As a result of the unusual circumstances of this ark you will be facing new dangers in the form of weather conditions and will encounter and tame many new air-born creatures that could aid you in survival, if you can tame them. You will also craft and use new items which will provide great use for you, your tames, and your tribe. In the end you will fight the new bosses, but can you muster the weapons and resources necessary to defeat them?
One of the largest and most necessary things to stay alive is Oxygen, and the higher you go the less oxygen there is which can cause problems like hallucination, loss of stamina, disorientation, asphyxiation, and eventually death. This why there are items, creatures, and recipes to attain in order to gain or prolong oxygenation. 

Weather Effects & Environmental Features

Low Oxygen Zones
Turbulent Winds
Rain Storms
Electric Storms

New Effects and Features
Oxygen Deficiency
When entering areas that are higher up or in special caves the oxygen levels will be lower as a result you will experience a lack of stamina, melee power, and movement speed. If you don't get to a Plant-Species A filter or put on an Oxygen-mask,you will start hallucinating and suffocating, eventually if left alone with nothing in these areas for long enough, you will die a slow and painful death.
Increased Oxygen: When consuming a Plant Species A puree, or taking oxygen from an Arboreal Frog, your lungs will be able to cope with the low amount of Oxygen in the area you are in and can therefore breath normally for a limited amount of time.
Intoxication: this will happen when you take off your breathing mask (or don't wear one) and start to breathe in dangerous gases and chemicals. These will harm you slowly over time at first, then at one point everything will appear to be pulsating pink and you will start to suffocate and ultimately die.
Pressure Damage:
 When going up or down too fast and going through the different "levels" your organs sometimes don't like it and start squishing-up or plugging-up depending on whether you go up or down.
Suction: When in a turbulent wind, a tornado or a hurricane, the air will get sucked out of your lungs and you begin to suffocate at half the time for twice the speed.
Intoxication: when a Cockatrice fires poison, a survivor falls in a toxic pit, or a Plant Species A turret-trap pins someone, they are exposed to a kind of neurotoxin that can affect a survivor's sight, followed by a rapid decrease in movement speed later paralysis, and eventually death by suffocation. There are antidotes that can be crafted in a Alchemist Crafting-table.
Tornadoes & Hurricanes:
These are two of the most destructive features found on this ARK. 
are more prone to happening on the surface and are fed by warm air (heat waves), and heavy clouds with moisture (rain) that combine and make this turbulent wind funnel. These are often found on the first layer of clouds on the surface and go around in wavy lines a couple of days at a time destroying everything in their paths. They can pick up small-medium creatures and structures and throw them a bit of distance away and causing decent damage to the lifted item/creature and wherever it lands or falls.
Hurricanes, are larger and more destructive forces which originate in the water and make serious damage going through 2 layers of clouds and tear-up trees and things around the beaches. These can pick up large creatures and structures and throw them far away and causing large damage to the lifted item/creature and wherever it lands or falls.

New Biomes
mostly based on this image I made of the New Map (kind of)
Surface Islands
These are the islands that are at the bottom of the map which are the normal ones, but these aren't incredibly special or out of the ordinary save for a few rock formations. This is the place where the larger more terrestrial creatures are found.
-Mountain Islands
-Flat Islands
-Dune Islands
-Stairway to Heaven
-Jacob's Ladder
Edge of the world
This is a series of canyons that are around the edge of the map and are populated by many kinds of fliers.
-Nesting Grounds
-Stone waterfalls
This is the actual bottom of the world, were there isn't much that goes on in these biomes, but there are clues here that hint to the ancient civilizations of the ARK.
-Beached Obelisk
-Artificial-Reef Ruins
-Sand Dunes
-Kelp Forests
-Kelp Ruins
-The Sink Hole
-Open Ocean
Floating Islands
These are where things go weird, as the fauna and flora are used to this unusual environment, and the arial lifestyle. At one point these floating islands seemed to have been part of the surface, yet at some time for some reason, they got detached and are now airborne.

-Central Island
-Ancient ruins
-Hanging Rocks
-Floating Forest Islands
-Hanging Rocks
-Tropical Forest
-Jammed Obelisk
-Hanging Rocks
-Lop-sided Forest Island
-Ancient Ruins
-Hanging Rocks
-Blossom Forest Islands
-Blossom Forest
-Hanging Rocks
-Hanging Obelisk
-Hanging Rocks
-Frozen Islands
-Ancient ruins
-Hanging Ice-blocks
-Hanging Rocks
-Green Stairways
-Stairway to Heaven
-Jacob's Ladder

-Central Island cave
-Wasp nest cave/Valerian summon point
-Underwater cave
-Hollow Mountain

-Edge of the World
-Nesting Grounds
-Avian Roosts

New Items (craft-able)

Air-Filtration Machine (metal)(tek)
This machine filters out the harmful gases and increases the oxygen in a closed room or a base. The more closed in the inside of a base is,  the more air it can filter out and clean. The effect stacks up so getting many of these is a good idea. You place it in a space about 1 wall high and wide and use a generator or a wind-turbine to power it up. Tek Filtration machines can slowly increase the health of survivors in a base when inside the base.
Airships (tek)
These flying behemoths are large enough to carry a good fleet of swoopers and other flying creatures, and can hold a decent amount of weight, and stay aloft almost entirely. But when there is a lot of weight it can start to slowly fall down, that's why it has a weight meter.
Hover-Vehicle (tek)
This is a small vehicle that allows 2 survivors to fly around at great speeds, shooting stuff with small cannons at the rear. These can go almost completely unnoticed save for a glowing trail behind it
Arial Armour (chest piece, leggings, boots)(chitin, metal)
These can allow for the survivor to stay aloft and fly using flaps and hydrogen parachutes for long periods of time and can reduce weather effects like freeze, heat and pressure. It also features spikes on the soles of the leggings like football shoes or climbing shoes to aid and increase climbing speed.
Wrist-Mounted-Crossbow gauntlets (chitin, metal, tek)
"This special weapon has been said to be a weapon that the ancient cultures and civilizations of the ark had used before their demise. Now their tech and plans are in use by us now."
You can use any of the crossbow and bow arrows as its ammo, it also has an optional knife attachment for close-range attacks and flare-gun ammunition just in case. It does have ammo of its own like the "Avian-Blade" which is like a knife-arrow, the "Silent Knight" which is an arrow that looks like a syringe that is filled and coated in poison, and the "Punnisher" which is basically a grenade arrow. Tek WMCG's can fire plasma blasts and have a torch-light attachment as well as having a plasma-blade attachment and tek versions of all the arrows of the primitive versions.
Katana (metal, Tek)
Its a very old and very powerful weapon that is a symbol of power and grace through out history and the old world, this is a weapon that can be used by any, but only wielded by true leaders. The tek version acts like a skin for the tek sword. It has a glowing spine that heats up, glowing red-hot, and causes a lot of damage to anything the blade touches.
Grappling-Gun (metal)
Looks like a hybrid of a grenade launcher and a flame-thrower which fires harpoons, grappling hooks and zip-lines anywhere and can even be used to tie up survivor to ceilings or hanging rocks. Its very powerful, and very light and lets you travel pretty fast, second to flight.
Hydrogen-Collector (metal)
Place on a hydrogen spring to gather hydrogen gas so that you can fill up balloons and air-pockets to make some things easily float-able, lighter, and stay airborne for longer(airships, hovercrafts, Arial armor and others). It is an essential gathering item, as it can counteract weight on some objects and vehicles.
Oxygen-Mask (chitin, metal)
It is almost absolutely necessary to survive anywhere on the floating islands due to lack of oxygen in areas of the map and high levels of toxic gases in other areas. Survivors can attach decorative mask and skins to these for fun or other purposes.
Plant Species A - Trap-turret
a natural, man-eating, plant turret that can be planted around a survivor's base as a means of protection. It uses chemicals and toxins as a way of defense and offence, but hummingbirds are immune to it and feed from the nectar in its flowers (which are small and out of the range of the trap). Its also going to be the Death Carpet
Plant Species A -  Primitive Oxygen-Mask
This will be your first oxygen mask before you learn how to make one and it is very valuable for starters. It can be crafted from Plant Species A samples and is found in low-level supply drops. However, being so low tier means it does't have much health.
Plant Species A - Oxygenation Puree
This soupy puree will increase your oxygen stats for 5 minutes and let you breathe normally for a bit. You will be needing a few sample of a Plant Species A plant to make it.
Custom Saddles
These are a collection of saddles for all the new creatures except the Longisquama, Wasp, and Microceratops being too small to matter. The swoopers have tek saddles with plasma guns, and missiles on the larger species.
Underground Bunker (small)(Medium)(Large) (Wood)(Metal)(Tek)
These are used by survivors and tames to hind in when there is a hurricane or tornado and they cannot be uprooted. They do however take damage which requires the survivors to maintain and fix them.
These can be used to lightly break a survivor's fall like a parachute and to conceal a survivor's identity from others when the hood is used and concealing their faces.
Blossom Tree:
This beautiful tree can be planted in crop plots and eventually grows to be a beautiful tree that can be exchanged in Bonsai pots between tribes and survivors as a peace gift. It can also produce seeds and cherries which are edible, weird because its a blossom tree.

New Items (collectible)
Supreme-Quetz mask
Devine-Valerian Mask
Bloody-Huitz Mask
Alpha-Rokc Mask 
Devine Quetz costume (animal skin)
Supreme-Quetz costume (animal skin)
Devine-Valerian costume (animal skin)
Bloody-Huitz costume (animal skin)
Alpha-Rokc Mask (animal skin)
Devine-Valerian wing-cape (skin)
Plant Species A seed
Plant Species A vine-strand
Blossom tree - seed
Blossom tree - Cherry
Tree plant-pot

the Artifact of Vanity
the Artifact of the Heavens
the Artifact of the Fallen
the Artifact of the Bloody

Greater Ice/Fire-Swooper Jaw
Swooper Head-crest
Cockatrice Poison Sac(s)
Magivespula Stinger
Airoraptor Hind-leg
Spine-Drake Tail-Spikes
Akupara Shell-Piece
Rokc Feather
Longisquama Wings
Azhdarchid Tongue

Arboreal Frog 
-queen (Valerian)

Agile Swooper
Greater Fire Swooper 
-Greater Ice Swooper 
-Oceanic Swooper
-Shadow Swooper

Quetzalcoatl the Supreme (Amphithere)
This is the final boss of this (fan)DLC which means that he is the most powerful boss in the game as well as the most difficult and arduous to kill. (Orion eat your heart out!) The fascinating thing is that he is the only boss that actually communicates with the players before and after the fight via telepathic messages. In the first message he explains how unworthy you (the survivor) are to fight him and how this will be a waste of time and how you (the survivor) aren't ready. Then he does the weirdest thing, he says he will even out the playing field at which point he will level-up the survivor(s) and the tames to about Lv 2500(!!) and says let the fun begin! After the fight is over and he is defeated he says things like, "you've done well, and you have a good future ahead of you!" "You were a very persistent foe I am proud to consider you as a worthy opponent" then he ends by saying, "Considering that it is only fair that I get something in return from this fight, I will get my strength back from you and your creatures." Then he laughs as you X.P. drops in 3 seconds and return to your original X.P. level up-on entering the fight.
This is the biggest and most difficult boss of the 3, he is a titanic Amphithere that can use all kinds of weather phenomenon as a defense and a weapon against attackers. It can use powerful wing strokes to make turbulent winds, he can fire lightning from his mouth and make it randomly strike in a 3 foundation radius. When using lightning, it envelops his whole body making him hard to hit. He can spiral at high speeds to make hurricanes and make many smaller, less frequent, loops to make 2,3 and even 4 tornadoes.
Survivors are given 180 minutes for this fight. They need to survive as long as possible until he stops to regain strength, as he can be tired out 'very quickly'. Once he lands to recharge the survivors can unleash all they've got, then rinse and repeat until he finally dies. To make the defeat of Quetz easier, there are massive stalactites hanging from the (massive)ceiling that can be destroyed at the base and dropped on top of the amphithere to immobilize him and make him more vulnerable.
Orion the Mighty (4-winged dragon)
This boss is a powerful dragon boss similar to the one on the island but with some differences. He is always flying overhead in circles and never touches the ground. This is because he has 4 wings and 2 legs as opposed to 2 wings and 4 legs like the classical dragon in the in the original boss-dragon fight. This dragon comes in 3 colors,  black, purple-red and white. The dragon also possesses unique attacks such as a focused beam of plasma-like fire usually pink or red in color from his mouth, a dispersed series of (aforementioned) plasma beams from special pores-sacs on his chest, a tail slam that does a splash damage, and a fast swooping bite attack, as well as a dive-bombing ground-slam, when on the ground (after "clipping his wings") he will begin to use most of the same attacks although a new attack is the wing-mace attack which allows him to utilize spikes on his wings like a mace.
To kill him, survivors need to destroy all his wings so that he is grounded, once on the ground he can still attack but is more vulnerable to attacks as well as less mobile and more .
Valerian the Beautiful (Wasp queen)
This boss is like the brood-mother spider fight but different in that the survivors are fighting a gigantic wasp with mantis hands and shiny butterfly wings. She can use her 'swords' to slash and slice her opponents and cause lots of bleed damage. Other attacks include a lunging swipe attack, a web-throwing attack that immobilizes her attackers with a silk web-net, as well as doing a dive-bomb move with her massive stinger. She also has the ability to summon her children (wasps) to war when her health is low and needs to get away to regenerate her health a bit, the wasps usually crawl out of holes throughout the arena, and come out from inside some cocooned carcasses (usually spider copses) dispersed on the ground as well as hanging from the walls and ceilings.
In order for the survivors to succeed in this fight they just need to fight her until she dies. The problems are that she is really skittish and moves around a lot, and that they arena is divided into 3 chambers that are connected by "doorways", the queen wasp tends to travel into each room to regen health until it reaches the point of no return. So just wing it and hope for the best.
Huitzilopochtli the Bloodthirsty (Hummingbird God)
By far the most unexpected, unusual, and frankly most disturbing boss fight in this (fan)DLC is Huitsiopochtli, the hummingbird god.
This boss is a terrifying creature, as this Aztec god is the god of war, sunlight and human sacrifice... yeah. So when entering his arena, the survivors will witness as he is sucking up the blood of another human and then ends of by tearing out and eating its heart. Then he turns around and makes a loud shriek before jumping into the air.
He has his body adorned with many brightly coloured feathers, as well as iridescent feathers. What makes him gross is that he has very flabby, pale, loose skin around his face, neck, legs and hips. He has an exposed throat-like organ that hangs from his jaw and dangles into his neck and throat. He uses this throat like organ to suck the blood of a target that has been pinned-down with his massive talons, lowering the prey's health whilst elevating the creatures health. He can also use bursts or bright light from his tail-fan, and a beam from his beak. A creature to be reckoned with.
To kill him you just wing it and fight 'til he dies, while also trying not to get caught by his tongue, throat, blood-sucking organ.



Dung Beetle
Foerst-Wyvern (fixed)
Giant Bee
Glow-Tail (modded?)
Light Bug

Lymantria (fixed)
Onyx (modded)
Plesiosaurus (after TLC 3 or whatever)
(after TLC 3 or whatever) 
Saber-toothed Salmon
Seeker (Modded?)
Dodo-Wyvern (in special events)

Survivors and Notes
Vasilyev (originally 2021 Russia )
This place is so unbelievable I can't believe that these things are real, but then there are those other elements in this place that are more dangerous than at first glance. I don't know what is real any more but all that I know is what is right and what is wrong and I am fighting for what is right. I don't want anyone trying to claim what is not theirs to claim, or to rid those who don't deserve death.
Bogdanov (originally 2011 Russia )
This is an amazing world, its a world of great beauty and danger, but above all the death and birth of all on this world that we, that I, call home there is balance and respect. I want to be part of this world and that balance, which is why I say we need to stop this new tribe, this "new deliverance" before they destroy everything that has been placed in this balance, before they kill everything and everyone who we are trying to keep alive... We have to kill them all, even if it kills us.
Aaron Tristen (originally 1997 Canada )
I am doing what I can to survive on my own in this upside-down world (how the heck are these things flying!?) but I still have to deal with these wannabe cultist punks who can hardly clean up after themselves. These a**es remind me of ISIS, they're brutal and ruthless. I guess someone's gonna teach this group of kids how to deal with the psychos.
Christopher Stevenson (originally 1822 Chicago)
I know that what we are doing is extreme and senseless, and it might even be anarchy. But we are setting the standards, I am only doing all this so that I can survive and not have to deal with my family being executed and their blood splattered in my face. I didn't ask for a war, I didn't ask for the rebirth of the Nazi, I asked for my families safety and that is why I am fighting.
Ericsson Lorenz 
(originally 1825 Chicago)
A man has to do what he needs to do in order to stay at the top of the pecking order. Everything is ours we control everything, and everything needs to be perfect! This world is not in the right order, we will restore that balance that it deserved and never had! We are, we are... we are the Cult of the Apexes!

There are some Survivor Notes that are older than these and are in mandarin and Japanese, but they mostly show pictures of the ancient civilizations on the Ark and are found in the ancient ruins. These include;
 - A 
scroll with a diagram and plan on how to build a WMCG (in the Frozen ruins)
 - A painting of an ancient Japaneese temple (in the central ruins)
 - A scroll with Haiku with a samurai beside it. 
(in the Kelp ruins)
 - A scroll talking about the new monarchy system of the ancient ones + someone called Chronocler (in the Frozen ruins)
 - A painting of an ancient city (looks like traditional japan/china and scifi city merged) (in the Kelp ruins)
 - A scroll quoting Plato on the destruction of Atlantis + showing a small figure in front of giant waves and sky-rocketing islands. (in the sunken ruins/artificial reef)

As I always say I'm open to suggestions


SpeculaTimsauru5's Profile Picture
Timothy Vogan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hey every1!
So this is the segment where I talk about me huh?

I am a skilled art doodler, I pick up a piece of wood with graphite in the middle, and make symbols on a thin slice of tree bark that speak what is in my mind and what creatures walk in my brain. (I draw when ever I get the chance)
I just draw whatever comes to my mind, almost anything really. But I especially get creative stuff when I look at some of your guys' stuff. Some times I get ideas at meetings or in school. :P but hey, we've all got our own little qwerks right?

U ken help by sending comments, pics, and any thing with regards to what you think about what I'm doing/done and any recommendations.


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