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Shiny Exclamation Mark Credits to Dolldivine and Neikoish! I do not own anything but this character!Shiny Exclamation Mark 

Deadlegs, formerly known as Ivybranch, was Rifts cousin. However, she bullied him quite a lot. In fact, she was the reason he was exiled. Ivybranch ended up causing a border fight with WindClan, which caused Perchstar's death. Since, she didn't want to take the blame, she selfishly claimed that Rift watched Perchstar be killed. The deputy/leader, Hawkcry, had a clear crush on Ivybranch. Hawkcry was always known to be harsh, and he word by word proclaimed, "You are now dead to us. Go. As new leader of RiverClan, this is my first command." Before Rift fled however, he slashed his claws across one of Ivybranch's eyes, blinding her in it. Then he fled, heartbroken that no one believed it wasn't his fault. When RiftClan forms, he ends up getting his revenge on Ivybranch. He decided to make some warriors maul her hinglegs, and renamed her Deadlegs. The warriors of RiftClan also killed her kits and left one alive but scarred deeply and deformed.
A deep war raged between the cats of RiftClan and the few RiverClan cats that were left. While cats fought, a cat was pinned by someone she knew long ago...

Ferretnose panted, hissing at the tom standing above her. The old she-cat knew she didn't have a chance but a warrior must fight. "I-I'm giving you one last chance Rift! S-S-Surrender!"

Rift looked deep into Ferretnose's ice blue eyes. "S-S-Surrender? Heh. When I was exiled, did I surrender? No. Look at me now. The warrior code is dead and the Clans will bow to RiftClan." He spat as he slammed Ferretnose to the ground.

Ferretnose huffed and clenched her teeth as she felt his claws grasp into her shoulders and slowly drag downward, drawing more blood at every movement he made. Ferretnose sighed, remembering the way she treated Rift when he was known as Stormsurge.

"Get back here!" Ferretnose spat to Stormkit, eyes glowing with disappointment. Ferretnose looked back, at her kits, who were reaching the age of one moon while Stormkit was three. Stormkit's mother was Ferretnose's sister. However, during the great blizzard, she ended up freezing to death while sneaking out to find food.

Stormkit seemed violent towards Ferretnose's true kits, Beetlekit and Ivykit. Though Ferretnose did care about Stormkit, the young tom had bit part of Ivykit's ear off. A kit should not be able to get away with that even at their age. "I said I'm sorry!" Stormkit sobbed out, eyes glowing with dismay.

Ferretnose turned away, nudging Ivykit and Beetlekit along. "You're a disappointment. What would your mother say? This is why your father wanted new kits, and chose me."

Ferretnose looked back up at Rift, who clenched his teeth, and spat out, "You always hated me. Now it's time for revenge."

Rift lifted his head, and as it flew downward, Ferretnose closed her eyes and prepared for death. For RiftClan had won and had taken over the last standing Clan.
Losing Hope - Prologue (A warrior cats fanfic)
 New : RiverClan Shield Bullet FTU RiverClan is the last Clan standing... and will be the last to fall...  New : RiverClan Shield Bullet FTU 
Ivypool iconI will be updating from once to a few times a week! So make sure to check in every day! Ivypool icon  
 [ Pixel ] Siamese Cat 1 Right - F2U Character Descriptions-Rift is a silverpoint siamese with dark blue eyes;Ferretnose is a brownpoint siamese with bright blue eyes [ Pixel ] Siamese Cat 1 Left - F2U 
Pastel Nightmare
Wings of fire is an amazing book series. Up there, is an LeafWing..
Escaping Fate \\ Prologue - Page One
Hello! Im excited to work on this comic :D :) Basically, most foxes have orange pelts, but foxes that are born with odd colored pelts are deemed “Unnatural.”
Creke the Bobcat
Heres an smol doodle of an character in an comic i might make :)


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