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Life study: Shirts

Another quick set, this time focusing on the standard T-shirt-- kept it loose and sketchy to focus on overall forms and tension points. Studied from life.
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That helps! Thanks! 
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such a great study! thank's
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I hate doing clothing in my drawings and this will help me a ton.
little-red-book's avatar
that really helps..thanku
CedricDewitt's avatar
I hope you don't mind if I use this as a reference.
It'll really come in handy.
designondesk's avatar
I think you have used really advanced techniques and I seriously love this!
the colours go well together too :)
thejesterscauldren's avatar
yeah this is good stuff, i'll keep it in mind when i require such.
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Sorry to bother you, but do you mind If I use this for a reference.
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Useful, thanks ^^
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Very nice studies!
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Hello, Sorry for bother, but Do you mind If I use this as a reference in a drawing that I making?
Spectrum-VII's avatar
I don't mind, go ahead.
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Thank for the practice ◠‿◠
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I just wanted you to know that this was a tremendous help in learning where the wrinkles go.  

Thank you!!!!  :iconbrohugplz: 
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Cant collect enough of these refs, these are very good wrinkles mmhm :)
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Nice study! I can leanr a thing of two from this
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With the end of the semester, we're finishing it up by studying clothes and wrinkles and honestly, I'm completely bombing. Spy, could your best pal Rooni possibly ask for a few tips?
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Sure thing! For regular fabric types I'd suggest using lots of soft, rounded curves in the folds. As you wrap them around the underlying form, have the folds follow the natural curvature of the subject to create a sense of depth and form in your piece. If you have questions on anything more specific, feel free to ask!
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Huh, that's so weird because my professor was like "use straighter, harder lines".
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