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This took quite a hefty chunk of time; it's a little hard juggling art into the daily grind but I managed to finish it up. I've still got a lot to improve on in the realm of portraiture, so I try to squeeze in practice whenever I can.

Thanks for taking the time to look; I always appreciate a comment/fave even if I don't always have the time to personally thank you for it :)

Referenced from a movie scene in "Public Enemies"

Materials used: 3H-8B sketch set and 0.5mm mechanical pencil
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THATS SOO COOL!! Were I used to live, there was a huge bank that became famous because Dillinger robed it, but apparently they tore it down. 
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Your shading makes it look like an oil painting :o

You're incredible!
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I love your shading style!! I would do anything to shade like this :) Good job!! 
The most attractive  part of your picture is that Thompson m1921 sub-machinegun(Chicago typewritter).I feel appreciated that you
add the character this great weapon.The symbol of mafia.
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This blows my mind. Words are not enough to state how awesome this turned out. :)
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amazing can't say a word
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Woo, Johnny Depp! :la:
Amazing work man.
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Is that all in pencil?
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Your work is so clean now *u*
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amazing detail :D
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Impressive work!:)
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Tommy gun. Awesome!
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JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!! :dummy: I love him!!!! :squee: Looks just like him.
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Amazing dude, just amazing
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Flawless ! that's all I can say. *-*
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O_O Amazing! Great work :D
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Amazing work with detail its really clean and sharp so awesome :3
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I really love the sharp lines. I hate how I always see people being messy with things like this but you made it really clean... good job!
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