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Clothing Study - Jackets 3

Getting some more practice with jackets, studied from photos.
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These studies are just amazing!!!!!
darkyson's avatar
Very cool job ◠‿◠
Scorpionlina's avatar
<3 <3 <3
Drawing-is-Fun's avatar
WWWHHHAAATTT???  this is amazing!Nuu OMG MOAR POEMS! :squee: 
Kawii-Usagi-Chan's avatar
Wonderful! This inspires me to add more detail to character clothing. such lush results! Thank you. :)
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I keep bumping into you, this is like the 10th time, I've already memorized your name.
Personaly i want the bottom second from the right. Awesome. I have to agree that the top left and the previously mentioned both look like something desmond miles was wearing. Nice job.
the-pasta-artist-N's avatar
Omg! This is so helpful! You don't have any idea how hard it is form me to draw jackets!
VanquishedEyes's avatar
This should be something Montreal Ubisoft Assassin's Creed franchise should be using for character development. Saying that, you know I find this all quiet dashing and surreal dark. I love it, thumbs up Spectrum
gyappumusoka's avatar
Another incredibly helpful clothing reference from you. Thank you for sharing!
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amazing, as usual
BLTrex's avatar
(╯°_°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Gy-Laloux's avatar
J'ais la veste en haut a gauche la première ! x) !  
RadioactiveFluff's avatar
wow this is really helpful, I'll probably use this as reference myself (:  thank you for your wonderful art x)
C0nstantFailure's avatar
grin & bear hoodies right? got the one top left :D
Chaotic-Neutral211's avatar
These are AMAZING. I hope to draw clothing that well, in the future.
Tonythunder's avatar
those are some pretty kickass lookin' jacket details,each and every one of 'em X3
SynthesisSurge's avatar
Wow, this is gorgeous! Well done :)!
A-Hippocampus's avatar
Wow- you can tell the different material and how it fits and everything. This is a really good study!
HaoticAlliesa's avatar
This is just a "practice"! :iconmingplz: I call it the best art. 
Damn I am so jealous of you ;v;
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