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Spottedleaf's Heart Rewritten Ch. 1

    “Spottedkit, get out of my store!” Spottedkit looked up to see Featherwhisker standing over her, his long whiskers twitching in annoyance.    “Sorry!” She twitched her nose self-consciously, feeling a leaf fall off. Featherwhisker used his plumy tail to sweep the leaf back in the store.    “What were doing in there anyway?” He asked, narrowing his amber eyes. “Looking for catmint? I know it smells good, but it’s important for cats with greencough; it can save lives.”    “I wasn’t looking for catmint!” Spottedkit protested. “I mean, I wasn’t not looking


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Ichigo x Sakura: Doujinshi One-shot


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Create A Wolf

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Upcoming Site Changes and Your Involvement

About a year and a half ago, we posted a journal discussing how DeviantArt’s acquisition would grant us the resources to make many positive changes for the site.  Thus far, a lot of such improvements haven’t been entirely obvious — like the many new hires across all departments (we've more than doubled our staff!) or upgrades to the tools we use behind-the-scenes.  All of this was done in order to bring you big-ticket changes, including a much-improved and redesigned site. We've approached the redesign with a lot of consideration, which is why it’s been in development for so long.  Not only do there continue to be len

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Will Never Be Whole Again

tired decision watch it turn to a regret oh to soon she shall use you she shall hurt you just as she broke my spirit time and time again you were not the one to watch her cry watch the tears fall as she admitted to me, her greedy desires but now, watch as she turns that desire into a lie, take a look at the "co-incidences" isnt it funny how things will work out "alright" but only for the one who created this chaos in the first place I miss you, oh how I do I miss what she and I used to have but thats been shattered I refuse to tatter these calloused fingers to fix something, that will never be whole again.


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Aki Lineart


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Kuvshinov Ilya

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Clown Mob


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Hoping I'll find my way


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Mirror reflection waterscape


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At The End

Driving through the county with these explosions all around me. The wind blows at my back; each breath feels like a heart attack. Don't think about what you're leaving just try to keep on breathing. A whole new life is waiting for you a change is gonna come out of the blue. Sometimes you have to close your eyes sit back and let yourself be surprised The world is not in your control Don't live life like you're on parole When your heart hurts, let it bleed All trees grow from tiny seeds The moment when you want to cry is when you should refuse to die. Sleep with the shutters open wide A change doesn't always mean goodbye I'll


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Kiki's Delivery Service

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PortraitVoice Over Tutorial: Neeko .promo.


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:screenshot fakeys: Mixed Bag

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Hanzo Sketch

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How to Draw Hands

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Simplify Human Anatomy guide

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[Tutorial] Semirealistic Eye

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Storm Stamp

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Stop WHORING female characters

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