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Hollywood Tower Hotel

The Hollywood Tower Hotel a.k.a. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at the Disney-MGM Studios which was JUST renamed Disney's Hollywood Studios, in Orlando, FL.
I know it's a little out of focus, but I liked the way it came out!

taken Jan 11, 2008

NOTE: If you would like to do anything fun or creative with this photo, please feel free to! Just send me a full size copy! :)
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Godammit , I wish this was a real hotel you could stay it.

Same thing for the Grand Budapest Hotel

You had enough money to bribe the judge into siding with you when you stole my uncles star wars character.

As well as buy a ton of land to build a star wars theme park.

Surley you can convert the Tower of Terror into a real Hotel.
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FANTASTIC photo, I love it so much!! Thank you for sharing :) 

I've done something fun and creative with it and I hope you don't mind: your wonderful photo is featured on my Tower of Terror fan site, TowerSecrets, in a couple of places, including this series of nighttime photos… and the site's own background (look closely on the right side :) ).  

I've credited you in Site Credits and with each use of the photo, but if you'd like me to change the credits (or remove the image entirely) I will be happy to honor your wishes. :)  

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I'm quite flattered! Thank you very much for featuring me in your collection and notifying me about it :)
Stunning photograph.
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Awesome shot, man!
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My Pleasure! No Problem!    \m/   € ^__^ )
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ooo. i want to do something creative with it. can i? can i?
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go for it! just make sure ya send me a full-size copy!
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sweet! thanks, I'll try my best not to screw it up. :D

nah, i won't screw it up!
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This is totally cool. it has that spookey edge to it
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Spooky. The colours are awesome, as is the angle! =D
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Yay, My new favorite ride! I rode it Christmas day and the bellman-person-whatever who showed us into our elevator looked exactly like John Cleese in Monty Python. He had this amazing accent and it was awesome!
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LOL I know EXACTLY who you meant!
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haha i got on that yesterday...but it was the one in California...but in September of 2006 i was in Orlando and my friends and i got stuck and had to get evacuated haha it was an adventure
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Ooh! Cool! I hope someone does something creative with it! Although it's already pretty cool!
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I love that ride! I like the photo tottaly goes with the old scary vibe of the place
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This is my favourite ride of all time. My father and I rode this five times straight last time we were at MGM. This is such a great shot. The slight lean balances out the Tower being to the right, and the edging of the palm trees just finishes the whole thing off.
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All these comments already after the picture being on here for about 10 minutes! woo-hoo!
Thank you so much for the compliment. I'm slowly learning about photographing things at night. I appreciate your perspective!
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best ride evar.
The photo looks extra spooky, I think.
It looks like it could be the cover to a vampire film.
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