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I've had it for a while now, actually. Go here:
While you guys are waiting for more news from me (Ha! As if!), why not do something constructive with your time and check out :iconsquidbunny:'s comic, Next Town Over?

She's been working on it since forever and ever and it's really, really good and only getting better. So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!

EDIT: And now it's my friend :icontojisuzuhara:'s turn for a plug because he just started his comic Alpha Flag, which you may have seen a part of on his account a while ago. Go check it out, it's going to be pretty amazing.
I am updating this thing finally because holy shit is it out-of-date.

So I am now studying animation at the Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam and it is lots of fun. I've kind of been in an artistic slump for the past few months but meh, I'll get over that eventually.

So uh, yeah. How are you guys doing?
So after spending a little over five weeks in the wonderful company of squidbunny I am back in the Netherlands again. Sort of lonely and sad and stuff because I love her and I'm several thousand kilometres removed from her.


I'm going to be moving to an appartment soon, in Rotterdam, and start studying animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy there. That'll be fun, at least.

Also, since I'll be living on my own, I'll be needing extra cash probably so I might consider opening myself for commissions in the not-too-distant future? Maybe? Probably.

Also, Erin, I love yoooouuuuuuuuu!

PS I'm linking to her with her av, too, because it looks cool. :iconsquidbunny:

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hmm, haven't updated this thing in a while. And I should probably also add stuff to my gallery. Oh well, whatever.

What's important is that I totally got into the art school I wanted, and this is great. Gooooo me!

And it's all thanks to :iconsquidbunny: for having so much faith in me!

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I forgot to mention this for like a week or so, but I'm not sick anymore, yaaaay. Also I booked a vacation to the States in the summer, yaaaaaay!
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oh god I think I am coming down with some horrible sickness

and I miss youuuu, Eriiiiin

shut up nobody read this, this is private and shit

Anyway, my birthday party was cool. I got the first nextwave TPB as well as a t-shirt and money and stuff.

And also this horrible disease urk
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Happy birthday tooo meeeeeeeeeeee

I am nineteen today! Huzzah! Shower me with adulation and gifts!

My program for today and the next two days contains just one thing: Relaxing and hanging out with some friends, while drawing stuff.

And damnit I wish my girlfriend didn't live so far away. She made me a kickass drawing that I can never show you.

I love yoooouuuuu, Eriiiinnnnnn <3!

But yeah, happy birthday, me!
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Yeah, you read me right. Happy 2nd of January. None of this new year junk. No, here at Spectre-X central, we like to keep things fresh and go against the grain, so to speak.

Okay, so I just forgot to update this thing in time. Whatever.

Happy New Year, everybody, hope you have a neat 2008, and that your 2007 wasn't too terrible.

Especially Happy New Year to you, Eriiiiiiiiin, but you already knew that but whatever I'm saying it again.
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I have been working more with my brush pens. I love them lots. I need to get better black ones, though, as these Faber-Castell ones sort of lose their shape and coherency after a very short while. I have heard good things about Pentell ones!

I am also getting a new tablet, as the old one is terrible and crappy and I hate it and will destroy it spectacularly once I get the new one.

Also I have a girlfriend now which is totally nice and awesome but sadly she lives very far away. Ah well, we are constantly checking up on each other via the instant messengers and exchange sweet nothings and little doodles of us making out.

How are you today, people on the internet and especially DeviantArt. I hope you are good. I am pretty fucking stellar right now.
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this must be what death feels like.

I'll put the comic up sooner or later. I didn't manage to finish it, though.
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I now have several days off from my dreadful, imagination-raping job, and I am in the middle of a period where I have to do art for one reason or another, so expect things from me! For instance, I have actually been given an actual commission! Four single illustrations and one short comic, all for my old Philosophy Teacher who needs the stuff for lesson material.

I got some new drawing supplies, including some brush pens. I love them.

I will also be joining a number of hundreds or thousands of artists around the world by doing a 24-hour comic this Saturday. Watch out for things related to that, also.

You stay classy, people.
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Christ almighty in a tinfoil hat I completely forgot about this place.

New (old) art uploaded! Ha ha!

Haven't done much serious arting lately because of my current job, which doesn't really stimulate my brain like school used to do (I graduated huzzah, with the highest mark in English in our school), even if I never payed attention during class and just spent the time doodling. At least I had to think. At my job, I just whistle various super robot show theme songs to myself in order to desperately pass the time.

I will totally make a concentrated effort to do more art, though.
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Several weeks ago or something (I don't keep track of time much, it could be an exceptionally bright night right now for all I know or care) I triumphed over my vile keyboard using nothing but my inhuman strength and GIANT BRAIN.

Expect new arts soon or something, maybe, I don't know!
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It's pretty neat, though I'm still trying to figure out how everything works.

Also, my keyboard is broken. Typing is a chore.

Fuck this, I'ma draw a comic. EVERYBODY SHOWER ME WITH ADULATION!
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