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Playing Rough

By Spectra22
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Don't blame the kitty, it was just playing! Pink Kitty 

Done for one of my classes-- we had to do a flip book animation with the goal of making it look somewhat fluid.  And of course I had to have some sort of sick, cruel twist at the end to counterbalance all the adorableness :XD:
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The frames of the foofy running across really shows Spectra's skills! If you guys ever get to meet her, the speed at which she can draw this stuff is nuts! Honestly, she can just throw this stuff together! Bummer I won't have her as a student again. Eh, I can still torture her with pictures of sushi restaurants my wife and I have gone to! :P
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Hahaha, cruel and cute at the same time ^_^U. Awesome job!
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Cool! It's so cute spacially when it say miow!^-^
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Thanks ^^ I'm glad it turned out as fluid as it did :)
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I think you could double the frames and cut the speed in half, it would even be more fluid. :)
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And I'd love for that to be even remotely feasible, but I've got a ton of new classes, plus the library job to keep me buried again! ^^; If I had a choice I would go back and fix it, and maybe even add color, but hey, I got an A on it, so I'm happy :D
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You get A's on just about everything. :)
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AHAHAH SPECS i love it so much, omg i jumped because there was a loud crashing noise on tv RIGHT as the cat's paw smacked the butterfly :lmao:
Spectra22's avatar
LoL XD Wow, that cat's REALLY not messing around :D Love when stuff works out like that ^^
FoxDragonLover's avatar
AHAHA XD me too, man i jumped so badly! :lmao:
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That's why we love cats: they're the perfect hunters, yet they look so adorable.
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Precisely :D It's like "I'll kill you and rip you to shreds, but I'll look adorable while doing it" =^. _ .^=
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"I chew yo face! You deads now! Got noms?"
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Ppbbbttttt... Rose Quartz Emote 2 
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The amount of times I've seen my cats do this XD
Although... one of them massacred birds...
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Don't worry, kitty, I forgive youKitty Face Plz 
Spectra22's avatar
Omg dat face... :XD: That's exactly why they get away with murder ^^
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OMIGODITSOCUTE!!! X333 kitty!!!
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Now THIS, is adorable!
Trytix approves! :D
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Aww hish little fuace ish too cute to be a murdererYou Kill..Onion 
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RIP Butterfly 2016-2016
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Wait a second, the video loops. He'll be back...only to be whappied again. :)
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