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Who Do I Find Better: Dipper Pines or Dib Membrane
Hello... Everyone! And welcome to the second of my Who Do I Find Better journals. This time, I will be comparing Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls, and Dib Membrane from Invader Zim, the two big headed, crazily believed, paranormal investigators.
Let's first talk about the character's designs. Both characters are very appealing in appearance to me, in accompany to each of their art styles, though I still feel there is a deciding winner here. Dipper does have a good design that suits his personality of being insecure and ready for adventure, but Dib's design to me just feels more expressive. I may be somewhat biased here in that I really love Vasquez's animation style for the show, but I just think Dib just captures a new level of uniqueness. Dipper's design is fine on its own, but I don't think its the most inspiring though. Dib takes the edge in this category.
Now to get into their personalities. Dib's main attribute is that he is always out there to solve mysteries, find new discoverie
:icon18yazidjiand:18yazidjiand 4 15
Tak by MalaTale Tak :iconmalatale:MalaTale 32 1 My Favorite IZ Ships by MoonlightWolf17 My Favorite IZ Ships :iconmoonlightwolf17:MoonlightWolf17 16 19
Over the Years, Part 5
Summary: An Invader Zim one-shot, part of a series of five. Dib takes Gretchen on a trip for a special occasion. Dib/Gretchen.
Hyperspace was like the best sunset ever, Gretchen thought. It was like every color in the universe mixed together, whizzing past their ship at a speed so fast that human science insisted it couldn't even exist. Between the auroral colors on the screen and the soft, steady hum of The Gretchen beneath her feet, she couldn't think of a single thing that could be more relaxing. Or romantic.
She leaned over in her seat and rested her head on her boyfriend's shoulder, lacing her arm with his. "I love our flights together," she whispered.
"Yeah." Dib spared her only a short glance before turning his attention back to the monitors, but with a soft little smile that made his whole face light up even more than the rainbow lights. "Me too."
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 6 3
Over the Years, Part 4
Summary: An Invader Zim one-shot, part of a series of five. Dib shows Gretchen his most prized possession. Dib/Gretchen.   
"Come on! Oh man, I can't wait to show you this…"
Gretchen giggled. "Calm down, Dib," she said, making her way after him across the Membrane kitchen; even months after the accident she was still hobbling around on crutches. "You're acting like Keef or something."
Dib stopped at the garage door and waited for Gretchen to catch up, hopping up and down and impatiently tapping his foot. "Sorry. I'm just really excited about this. You're not gonna believe it—are you ready?"
Gretchen nodded, smiling sweetly—a very pretty smile, because whatever some kids said about her teeth still being too large, Dib thought that her braces had worked wonders. He returned her grin with a manic smirk, then reached behi
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 7 12
Over the Years, Part 3
Summary: An Invader Zim one-shot, part of a series of five. Dib waits beside somebody's bed in the hospital. Dib/Gretchen.


Dib cried quietly, his sobs mingling with the beeping of the machines beside Gretchen's bed. The light flickered slightly as outside, a dull crash of thunder boomed in the night.
The lanky teen sniffled and wiped his eyes, replacing his glasses on his face. His shoulders were shaking slightly; he felt cold in a way that had nothing to do with the temperature of the room, felt scared in a way he hadn't felt in a long, long time. Even he had to wonder at that; he regularly waged battle against Zim and all sorts of other preternatural threats, but it was relatively rare for him to fear for his life these days, and even the terror of total planetary annihilation wore fairly thin after five years of Zim's constant failures. But this was a fear he had never q
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 10 2
Over the Years, Part 2
Summary: An Invader Zim one-shot, part of a series of five. Dib and Gretchen spend time together at the mall. Unfortunately, someone winds up ruining their fun. Implied Gretchen/Dib.
"Ooh, look, a pet store!" Gretchen said, approaching the window and pressing her face against the glass. "Dib, isn't that kitten precious?"
"It is pretty cute," he admitted, smiling over her shoulder as the cat turned its head and stared at Gretchen.
She giggled. "She sort of reminds me of my little Buttercup when she was a kitty. She used to do something sort of like that."
"Really? Wh—" He paused in mid-sentence as his eye caught something over in the mall's food court. "Wait—was that—"
"What is it, Dib?" Gretchen asked, not looking at him as she tapped on the glass, the cat still eying her curiously.
"I'm not sure...just a second, Gretchen, I'll be right back. Thought I saw someth
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 13 23
Over the Years, Part 1
Summary: An Invader Zim story, part of a series of five. Gretchen talks to Dib shortly after Tak's disappearance. One-sided Gretchen/Dib.
"Hey, did you hear about that Tak girl?"
Gretchen had been gazing across the lunchroom absentmindedly, her eyes (as usual) falling onto one particular dark head sitting several tables away. But Melvin's sudden mention of that name-the name of the very girl she was thinking about-had startled her from her dreary thoughts.
Melvin took a bite of his sandwich; he chewed for a moment before continuing.
"Yeah. Notice how she wasn't in class today? It was on the news last night. Apparently she's gone missing."
He nodded, taking another bite of his sandwich. "Yeah. Her dad was on the news, freaking out. There was also something about a weinie stand and a volcano...not exactly sure how that's related."
He trailed off. Gretchen paused for a
:iconjoemerl:JoeMerl 16 24
GaDr by devilsbloods GaDr :icondevilsbloods:devilsbloods 6 7
The Original
Dear Dib,
A pen scratched across the surface of a yellowed piece of paper. The handwriting was loopy, and feminine. Oddly, it was also shaky, and forced looking, like the writer was nervous about writing this particular letter.
I'm not quite sure how to write this… The pen scratched, shaking its way along the paper. I've tried to write you so many times before, but…
The pen stopped. It seemed that whoever was writing this was having difficulty expressing what they were feeling. There was a long pause, during which the writer tapped the pen against the dimly lit mahogany desk upon which they were writing, before finally beginning again.
But I could never find the words that sounded right. I would always go off on some completely different subject because I got so nervous!
…I've always wanted to write you, Dib, even before you became famous.
I never cared about that.
Do you remember when we were young? I always used to dream about you. You were always like some ki
:iconmissmune:MissMune 6 14
Shyness by SUU-ITOGARU Shyness :iconsuu-itogaru:SUU-ITOGARU 13 9 As the Stars by SUU-ITOGARU As the Stars :iconsuu-itogaru:SUU-ITOGARU 9 5 ANIVERSARIO 2016: Firts Kiss by SUU-ITOGARU ANIVERSARIO 2016: Firts Kiss :iconsuu-itogaru:SUU-ITOGARU 8 5 Sighs in Class by SUU-ITOGARU Sighs in Class :iconsuu-itogaru:SUU-ITOGARU 16 8 SMOOCH by SUU-ITOGARU SMOOCH :iconsuu-itogaru:SUU-ITOGARU 9 2 Meat Maniac by LordPhantomChips Meat Maniac :iconlordphantomchips:LordPhantomChips 27 10


22 deviations
Red Hot

Dammit, I tried... I really did Yuu Facepalm Icon  I thought I could resist, but then when I wasn't looking I accidentally fell for this crimson demon with his Cheshire Cat grin and magic radio voice :heart:  Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon 

First Black Hat, now Alastor... Why am I always so attracted to these tall, dark, and devilishly handsome villain types? Bear Emoji-37 (Wondering Question) [V2] 

The smile.  I definitely think it's the smile :D Me likey stay tuned folks - hazbin hotel [ icon ver ] / f2u (And also cuz I feel like I'm in Hell half the time, and when in Hell, ya cozy up to the man in charge :XD: )

Well, it was going to happen eventually anyway that I'd get excited about Hazbin Hotel, so here ya go, have yourself some smexy strawberry pimp, my treat strawberry(yummm... :heart: Taylor (Lips) - Icon).

The Radio Demon/My latest cartoon husband and Hazbin Hotel created by the immensely talented Madame Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano :heart: :iconvivzmind:
Draw this Again!: Pink Diamond
I don't even know what this is! LOL Rose Quartz Emote 2 Like, are these two different artists? :XD:  
So the first drawing I did in May of 2018 right after 'A Single Pale Rose' premiered  F2U Pink Rose  It was also the first drawing I'd attempted on my new (at the time) iPad, something I'd never used to draw before, as well as the first time I'd tried Medibang paint.  Suffice it to say I wasn't used to either of these ^^;  Also my vision was still pretty FUBAR at the time, and I was clearly trying for a more cartoonish style, but even so, looking back at it it just looks teeeeeerrible :D

The newer one was also drawn on my iPad and using Medibang Paint in Feb of 2019 after a long and pretty serious art block where I was questioning my ability to draw/paint and had about zero confidence in myself Sad..Sad..Onion I don't want to go into just how bad it got... not here... but I desperately needed something to reignite whatever it was that made me want to do art.  It was two things that made me even want to attempt to try drawing again: 1. I was still kinda reeling from the 'Battle of Heart and Mind' Steven bomb we just got, and 2. Talking with another artist here on DA who was going through something extremely similar to what I was experiencing... loss of confidence, constantly comparing themselves to other artists, wanting to delete their gallery, feeling like giving up... and here I thought their art was just AMAZING Kawaii [Gravity Falls] I thought my art could never measure up to theirs, and was surprised when they told me that they'd thought the same thing about my art Haru Surprised Blush Icon  It made me realize how we can never seem to see in ourselves the good others see in us, and I understood how ridiculously hard I was being on myself.  I don't want to name this person in case they want their privacy protected, but if you're reading this you know who you are, and I want to thank you so, so much for helping to snap me out of my funk *hugs*GIF Gravity Falls - Hugs! :heart:  It was thanks to you I gained back enough confidence to give this re-draw a shot, so I dedicate it to you :thanks:

Anyway, I hope you guys dig the new style I tried out here :heart:  I'm pretty proud of how much progress I've made in less than a year, and like I said in my last post, I hope this is only the start ^u^

Pink Diamond and Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar
Diamond and Rose

This is probably the first thing in a long time I’m actually proud of drawing :heart:
I gotta be honest, I haven’t been doing so good for the past four months... onion sad 

But... here's hoping this is the start of a comeback ^u^

(I'd also like to give a shout-out to Happy.Day on the Amino app; I was having trouble drawing Pink's hair, but one of their pics helped me to get it right, so thanks, Happy.Day! ^u^)

Pink Diamond and Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar



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