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Trick or.... Treat?
Well, definitely "trick" anyway Hiyori Iki (Evil Scheme) [V1]  heh heh...

Yah I'm a little late, but if the Simpsons can get away with putting their Halloween stuff out in November half the time... Crazy  Pshh.

It's been harder than I expected to not only get back into drawing, but to kinda re-learn a lot of my art programs (not exactly like riding a bike in my case ^^; ), but thanks to all of you for being patient with me, and I only hope my annual (except for last year because of reasons) Evil PumpkinInvader ZIM Halloween DrawingEvil Pumpkin  does not disappoint! :dummy:  Thanks to all who gave me their suggestions :heart:; I loved hearing them and I wish I could have used them all, but here are the ones I picked:

Zim Lick Zim: Noodle- Eat Me Noodle Vampire (from the scrapped IZ episode It Feeds on Noodles)--suggested by cheesypoffs on the Invader ZIM Amino.  The more I pictured this the more I wanted to see it, especially since it's an idea from the show that never got used :heart:  I kept having the worse cravings for Chinese food while drawing him, tho Neko Atsume tubbs plz 
Eager Dib Dib: Direct Hit [Over The Garden Wall]  Wirt (from Over the Garden Wall)--suggested by Gakmalkmalon on DeviantArt.  I think Wirt is so darn adorable :lovesquee:  I've wanted to do some OTGW fanart for a while now, and the idea of dressing Dib up as Wirt was, like, double the adorable... in other words, too much to resist lol :heart:

Gir Answers the Door GIR: Himself with a waffle on his head shouting, "I'M A WAFFLE!!!"--suggested by sue_shipper_14 on the Invader ZIM Amino.  This struck me as such a perfect "GIR" kind of costume and the kind of random dumb thing I could see him doing regardless of whether it was Halloween, so I had to go with it :D

Gaz is Not Amused Gaz: Hotel Transylvania - Mavis Icon 1 Mavis Dracula (from Hotel Transylvania)--suggested by CrystalRobot123 on DeviantArt.  For some reason I could totally see Gaz dressing up as a "cute" vampire girl :XD: I added the little wings since Mavis's outfit is a little basic and kinda already looks like Gaz's normal goth outfit anyway, plus I think they add to the cuteness Cute Emoticon Blushing Maybe it would have been more "Gazish" to go as a video game character, and I certainly got plenty of suggestions for those, but, um... *laughs nervously* thing is, I uh, don't really play the vidja games... Hank Hill Face Palm sooo I had no idea who any of those characters were Oops  Yeaaahhh, sorry 'bout that; next time I'll make sure I mention it ^^

Keef - I'm so happy plz Keef: Dense Syndrome (from The Incredibles)--suggested by ThatOneHoodedDude on the Invader Zim Amino.  Keef is such a fanboy... It wouldn't surprise me if he turns out like Syndrome when he grows up :D  I don't draw Keef very much, so I decided to give him some luv this Halloween :heart:  As for how he ended up trick-or-treating with the group, he basically just tagged along all night Stalker Dance 

Ms. Bitters: OtGW Beast icon The Beast (from Over the Garden Wall again)--suggested by Gakmalkmalon on DeviantArt.  Okay, okay, now I wouldn't normally have used two suggestions from one person in order to make things fair, but honestly I only included this one because she was incredibly easy to do since she's only a silhouette, and I wanted something tall and menacing in the background, so just consider her a bonus ^^;

So congrats to you if your costume idea made it onto one of the ZIM gang! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2]    As always, I wish I could have included more characters, but I was already strapped for time and had to cut my losses (and still ended up having to use a BG from a free graphics site -_-), so sorry I didn't use any of your suggestions for Tak, Gretchen, or the Tallest Rarity (cry) plz  but cheer up, you can always try again next year :heart: ^u^  I also got quite a few Steven Universe ideas pitched to me, but am thinking of saving those for their own drawing down the road Steven's eyebrows emote  Plus there were a couple others I liked a lot, so who knows?  I may just draw some of them for funzees, tee hee Sonic Emoticon #5

[Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Heart Eyes That's all!  Hope you had a great Spooky Day![Goretober] Monster 

Invader ZIM created by "MISTER" Spooky Himself, the Great and Powerful Jhonen Vasquez
Due to technical difficulties, my Halloween IZ pic might not be out on the 31st precisely exactly most likely ^^; but good news is I AM working on one and have all the stuff draw'd up and ready to ink and color :dummy: :heart:  BTW Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions! ^^

I've got a little confession to make, guys... So I've had all the problems with my eyes fixed for about a month now and I can see just great, everything is fine... and yet I still haven't picked up a pencil even once since then.  I know, right? ^^; You'd think I'd be ecstatic to get back to drawing, and I've even said over and over that my biggest wish to be able to see well again just so I could get back to doing art, but rather than feeling excited and happy about it I've been feeling anxious and scared.  I wanted this so, so much, and I am grateful, but now I feel like there's this enormous (self-inflicted, of course) pressure on myself.  It's kind of like having stagefright--there are people who've been waiting to see me perform and I don't want to let them down, and that thought just keeps building and building in my mind so that when that spotlight suddenly hits me I'm petrified. 

I'm also afraid to find out certain truths about my art, dumb as that sounds.  It's like if I drew something before and it sucked balls I could always say, "Oh, well it's cuz my eyes are shit."  But now I don't have that excuse and I'm afraid to find out that it wasn't my eyes that were the problem... the problem was really me all along.  I know it's irrational, but the fear is there nonetheless.  Also I've been so out of practice I feel way behind now, like a kid who hasn't been to school in a week and is suddenly handed a shit-ton of homework.

I'm not saying all this for sympathy (it does help to get some of that off my chest, tho ^^; ) or because I'm trying to make excuses for why I haven't gotten off my lazy ass and done any pics yet (well, maybe a little lol), but because I wondered if anyone else has felt this way and what did you do about it?  How did you overcome those nasty little doubt-demons?  Is there something you think of that gives you confidence when you're dripping sweat, staring at that intimidating sheet of blank paper stretching out in front of you for miles, your pencil hovering just centimeters above it yet unable to make a mark?!! 0_0  I'd really be grateful for any advice you could pass my way :)

Thanks a bunch! :heart:
Sorry guys... my first post in forever and it isn't a new drawing like you were probably hoping ^^; 

Fear not, I'll get back down to business soon enough :)  Till then, please enjoy this little presentation I've put together :D  I'm still stunned by what a remarkable difference there is Happy  :heart:  It's so much more than I'd even hoped for Judy - (Crying) Icon 

And THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your comments on my last eye surgery update! Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4]   I haven't gotten around to answering them (I'm really sorry--I've been so busy lately Neko Emoji-36 (Oh no) [V2]) but I read all of them and I can't tell you how much I appreciated them Cute Emoticon Blushing  I do want to give each of you my individual thanks, tho, so I'll try to do that ASAP ^u^ :heart:  Thanks for all your patience!
Heeeeeeyyyyy everybody! :heart:

Well guys, the Halloween season will soon be upon us, and you know what that means... ANNUAL INVADER ZIM HALLOWEEN PIC TIME!!! :dummy:

Sadly I couldn't do one last year because of my eyes, but they dun been HEALED!  PRAISE JAY-SUS!! :XD: And because I need something to draw as a sort of warm-up and get back into the game yet have no damn clue what to even start with, I figured with Halloween coming up it would be a great excuse to draw some ZIM and ask for YOUR suggestions! :) 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this: tell me in the comments who or what you'd like to see the Invader ZIM characters dressed up as for Halloween.  Not too difficult, amirite? ^_-  I did this a couple years ago and it was a ton of fun :D You can leave as many suggestions as you want (tho to make it fair I'll only be picking ONE suggestion per person) for the following characters: Zim, Dib, GIR, Gaz, Professor Membrane, Ms. Bitters, Tak, Mimi, Keef, Gretchen, Skoodge, the Tallest... pretty much all the most popular characters, though I may not be able to draw all of them ^^; I'll pick my favorite costume ideas and the winners will find out on Oct 31st if I used their suggestions when I unveil the finished drawing :heart: 

The deadline for suggestions will be Oct 15th.

Okay, guys!  Looking forward to hearing all those brilliant ideas of yours! :heart: Be creative, be weird, be crazy, and most of all have fun! :D

Hey guys.

Well, as a few of you who've been keeping up with me know I had my last major eye surgery (cataracts removed and a new lens put in) the other day and a vitrectomy (aka. getting the big cloud of goo that was blocking my vision sucked out of my eye) about two weeks ago. Since then I’ve been in the healing process and hoping against hope that I might finally get my vision back after a long and very turbulent period where I was terrified it might never happen, that I might end up going blind.

There were a lot of times that overwhelming fear took hold of me, and the longer things stretched out with seemingly no clear end in sight with more and more complications piling up, I admit, the more thoughts of suicide crossed my mind. It wasn’t just the thought of losing my eyesight, which was scary enough on its own, but the thought that I might never be able to draw again that was the most devastating. I may not be some big important artist, but (as I’m sure many of you here on DA can understand) so much of who and what I am is wrapped up in my art.  Right before all this started I wanted to look into selling my art for the first time, so my eyes getting all fucked up sent everything to a screeching halt. All I could do was wait, put my trust in my doctors, and hope against hope that after all this surgery I'd at least get enough of my sight back to be able to pick up a pencil again, or use a digital art program without getting terrible eye strain and a fuckton of frustration.

Well, what I ended up getting… is nothing short of miraculous.

As I sit here typing this, my computer screen looks crystal clear… and I’m not even wearing glasses! I don’t need them anymore! Keep in mind I haven’t been able to see without glasses since I was in seventh grade (a long damn time ago, truth be known :XD: ), give or take, and even before all this other crap started I was legally blind without them. Now I don’t even need them to drive. Now it’s not perfect 20/20 vision and I’m going to need reading glasses (also I still look like I lost a fight since one eye is pretty swollen lol :D), but I can now see better without glasses than I’ve been able to see with them for the last several years. I am… just amazed. It hasn’t even quite hit me yet, I think. It’s weird reaching up to adjust my glasses and realizing they’re not there, or seeing everything as it actually is and not all distorted by my thick lenses. I’m still getting used to it, but still, getting cataract surgery was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

And now… oh man… I have a SHITTON of catching up to do haha ^^;  Catching up on art, on comments, notes, friends, and just everyday things I hadn’t felt the will to bother with like catching up on Netflix XD  But I’mma try my best, so I hope you’ll all be patient with me (ah hell, you guys always are ^u^)

I also wanted to thank all of you who’ve stuck by me the whole way. There’s no way I could have gotten through some of those really tough days without your support, kind words, and well-wishes :thanks: It meant a lot knowing I had people rooting for me to make it through this long shitstorm and wanting to see my dumb Invader ZIM art again :D  From the bottom of my heart, and also the top, the inside and the outside, thank you :*)  I love you guys.:heart: Aaaamd now I’m crying... again lol ^^ But yeah, you’re just the best :heart:

I’ll see ya later! (“See” ya later… ha ha, seeeee what I did there? Durr hurr XD)

Sooooo surgery was yesterday... and it went great! :dummy:  Just got the bandages off earlier today, and while it's still really hazy I can already see a HUGE difference in my eyesight ^^  It should clear up in 2 weeks or so, and that's when I'm getting my other eye done, funnily enough.  And with that one I should be able to see right away :)  I know I'm going to be crying so hard when it's all over! :D 

As always, thank you guys for the awesome comments and see ya later! :heart:
Ohmigosh you guys, THIS IS IT!!!  It's almost oveeeeerrrrr!!! :dummy:

One day from now I'll be getting eye surgery yet again, this time to scoop out all the crap in my right eye that's blocking my vision, then after that on Sept 11 I'll be getting my other cataract lens put in, and then... *deep breath*... I am DONE!!! :heart:  I'll be able to see again ohmygod you guys I'm so EXCITEEEEEDDD!! :XD: The right eye will take a little longer to heal so I won't be able to see right away, but holy shit I'm SO close!  I can't wait :heart:  This vision problem has plagued me for such a long time... it's kept me from school, doing my artwork, even communicating with friends... ;_;  And I'm so grateful to those of you who've stuck with me through it all, I can barely even express my gratitude :heart: :hug: 

I'll keep you guys updated!  Take care! :D


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