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Lust: Dr. Girlfriend

A naughty sketch of Dr. G colored (for the first time) on this bloody machine. Normally, I would never do such a thing, but I decided to be adventurous tonight. It turned out half way decent...I guess.

[EDIT] I kinda cleaned it up a bit and added a border. Looking at this old piece...I have come a LONG way with my Photoshop skills ^^;
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DAYUMMMMMNN O////////////////////////////////O
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hehe, thank you! :)
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nice skills. i wish i had photoshop. but then again, i would be spending TOO much time away from my significant other.
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Aww, thanks much! :hug: I actually cringed when I went back to fix this one! :laughing: My Photoshop skills have vastly improved over several years.

And, LOL about Photoshop keeping you from your significant other! It does that to me with mine, but he's such a sweetheart he doesn't mind (that and he loves his video games, so it works out perfect!).
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yeah, i hear that. He's been playing/beat Metal Gear 4 since he got it, which leave some time to do this. but still, i feel bad cause i like watching when he plays!
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Wow, Playstation 3 game ^^ I used to watch my bro for endless hours, so now I'd just rather sketch or use Photoshop, lol
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yeah~ that seems to be what i've been doing the past two weeks. i just feel guilty =-(
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You shouldn't feel guilty about expressing yourself artistically! We artists are such a misunderstood people. ^^; If I don't draw or do something artistic for a while, it makes me all moody and cranky, lol
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i thought that was just me! its nice to know that there are others that feel the same.
Another excellent pose!
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Thank you much again! =D
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dunno who the buggery dr g is - but saw this on the favourites of somone - n like it. nice one
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Thank you much!

She's a character on a cartoon called "The Venture Brothers"
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Wow! Very excellent!

It was only a matter of time till we saw Dr. G get drawn like this...:)
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Thank you :)

I actually want to do a series of these, but I'm not sure if that's healthy...
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"well i'm not gonna beg."

nice job; dr. g still reminds me way too much of Jackie Kennedy, though.........yikes.
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I had that quote in mind when I drew it, hehe...

Thank you, and you're right....hmm...
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