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Dr. Girlfriend as Charlene from Midlife Chrysalis. I was going to put a top on her, but thought it might ruin the look I was going for. So, yeah..this is a little more racy than usual.

I actually kinda like the way this one turned out, though...which is saying a lot for me.

[EDIT] I cleaned this up quite a bit and added a border, and I think it looks MUCH better. God, my Photoshop skills used to SUCK.
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Good Night Nurse!
g00dapple's avatar
What a great episode :)
SpecterQueen's avatar
Indeed! Thank you for the comment! :)
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hehe, now that you mention it, it does remind me of her! (not quite as emaciated, though, lol)

Thanks for the comment! ^___^
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It's really sexy! =D...
I don't understand so much... sorry ^^; (my head it's in another place.. /sigh)

also I love the form of she see... :heart:
SpecterQueen's avatar
Awww. thank you very much! :hug: I appreciate the kind comment! ^^
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You're welcome dear!:hug:
not sure if i like dr girlfriend best as dr girlfriend or queen etherial or charlene or even lady au pair.

maybe next season she will surprise us with another villianous name and outfit :)
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I love her as all of them! :heart: Hopefully, we'll get to see her in more lovely outfits! ^___^

Thanks for the comment! =D
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kinda reminds me of Aeon Flux
SpecterQueen's avatar
Now that you mention it, she kinda does. I drew this waaay before the movie, though.

And, while I have seen the cartoons, it hadn't even crossed my mind. Interesting, though!
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Thank you! I appriciate the feedback.
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Great style and lines, only complaint is that you need to up your jpeg optimization. The jpeg artifacts make it look dirty (not in the the good way). Otherwise, very nice A GIANT THUMB'S UP.
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Thank you!

"up jpeg optimization"? I'm really new to this digital art and posting stuff, so could you please explain what that means? (i am so computer illiterate it's pathetic) I would greatly appriciate the advice :aww:
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Yeah, sure! I dunno what paint program you use, so I'm not 100% sure if this will apply to you. But when you're saving your picture, on the save box will be something that says "Options," and when you click on it it'll talk about Compression Factor, turn it up to the Best Quality (Low Compression) and it'll look much better.

If this doesn't work on yoru paint program, tell me what you use and I'll see if I know what to do for it. (What I use is Paint Shop Pro.)
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Thanks! I really appriciate the info. I use mostly Photo Shop 7. I've tried Corel Painter 8, but it's kinda hard to get the hang of. I think I know what you're talking about, though. It always sasves them at medium quality, so I guess I should just up the quality!

Thanks again!
tvs-bialy's avatar
Yup, just set it to Highest and you'll be good to go, more than likely! Keep up the good work~
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Oh oh oooooooly shit.

I mean that in the best way possible. Cause simply amazing!
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Thank you! ::flattered::
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