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DotW: Hawthorn of Aryn

Juvi reference update!


Name: Hawthorn
    Nickname(s): Hawke
Age: Juvenile
Gender: Male
Height:  Above-average (35'' at Adult)
Weight: Above-average (113 lbs at Adult)
Build: Taking the majority of his Father's genes, Hawthorn exhibits thick muscles bound below a sleek coat. His features are rounded and soft with a broad face, chest and paws. His ears have small tufts at the end like his Mother's.

Territory: Aryn
Family: Athena (Mother) | Alcatraz (father)
    Littermates: Tzuriel (brother) | Killian (brother) | Nero (brother) 
    Siblings: Teva (sister) | Lazarus (brother) | Storm (sister) | Raphael (brother)
Rank: Omega 


+: Coordinated, Devoted, Proud
  • Coordinated: Hawthorn was born a bulky and big child. It's mainly the fur his Father's genes supplied, but despite his clunky looking figure he's rather graceful in the way he moves. Where his siblings may trip and fall, Hawke will take his time to meander over it so he doesn't hurt himself or rush into something bad.
  • Devoted: Despite the frustration the young boy has with his body, Hawthorn is devoted to whatever he sets his mind to- even if he may storm off in a fit of huffing and crying. He dislikes giving up, and even moreso admitting defeat. 
  • Proud: As a part of Athena's final litter, Hawthorn has respect for his mother and her pack and his position in their life. He is grateful for his family and elder siblings, and while the youngest of the family, he doesn't let that phase him as far as his dedication to their culture goes. He is an Aryn wolf, and nothing would sway the young boy's mind from that.
0: Quiet, Bullish, Expressive
  • Quiet: From the day of his birth, Hawthorn rarely ever opened his mouth even when he was hungry. He'd rather wait and watch, contorting his face into different shapes in order to draw attention to himself or what he needed. It's hard for him to properly explain himself via words, so for his own comfort he doesn't take much to opening his mouth unless his opinion is needed. Even then, what he says may often be only a jumble or small words or a movement of his lips.
  • Bullish: As a young pup, Hawthorn's limited ability to understand via sound makes it extremely difficult for him to get his point across- and on the other side, many wolves often overlook what he is doing and assume something else of him. It frustrates the young boy, so he finds himself very lost and irritated in the face of strangers. He'd much rather be alone than try to play gesture games with someone he does not know.
  • Expressive: Stemming off of his hearing impairment, Hawthorn spends a good chunk of his free time staring at his own reflection in water to perfect expressions so there is no misunderstanding between himself or those around him. He dislikes needing to move his face and body so much to speak without sound, but he's mastered the ability to pull off some really hysterical eyebrow popping in the process. Not to his pleasure, mind you.
-: Impatient, Short-tempered, Wistful
  • Impatient: When being taught new things, Hawthorn struggles to understand without visual stimulation. Sounds often slip right by him unless loud and clear, and more than likely he gives up before the shouting can start. Hawke tries desperately to teach himself what he can and when it fails, he's often miserable for the rest of the day.
  • Short-tempered: While also being impatient with himself and his disability, Hawke is generally short tempered in the face of new things. Anything new to him is poison, and he's easily displeased by introductions involving things he does not know if his mood isn't quite right- which is, quite frankly, a good chunk of the time.
  • Wistful: Hawthorn often daydreams about being able to hear. While he'd never purposely express his discomfort with his lack of hearing, he wonders if life would be different if he could hear more and gesture less. 

Pre-Group History: Born to the Alpha of Aryn Athena and her mate Alcatraz in Athena's final litter with her partner. 

  • The nickname "Hawke" comes from the few sounds he makes at birth: a wierd, garbled high-pitched screech more akin to a bird than a wolf pup. 
    • That, and he hates birds because he cannot hear them sing. 
  • As a child, Hawthorn has little to no flecking on his coat until he reaches his Juvenile year. All of the dark tips come from his guard hairs, so his coat is rather thick and coarse as opposed to soft. 
    • Meaning, he could tumble through an actual hawthorn bush and come out unscathed. Not that he'd want to, but he could.
  • Hawthorn's hearing is very limited. Normal speaking volumes are lost on him and one must be very, very close in order for him to understand.
    • He can make out loud noises such as thunder or yelling from a distance, but only at close-range (such as mouth to ear) will he be able to articulate most words given.

Group History: 
+2 for joining
ART: A Father's Advice
    RP Alcatraz teaches Hawthorn some basics in self defense.
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Growing into such a handsome boy!! Traz is so proud <3