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To start, I must say this is a really cute picture of Asriel. This is well-drawn, with his cute little arms holding a golden flower rep...

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Sorry for the long period of inactivity, I've been very busy as of late.
I am honestly disappointed that I have to address such a heinous issue, but if any of my watchers are people who support or tolerate child porn, stop watching me and leave. I don't even care if I offended someone by saying that, because that kind of content is more repulsive and offensive than the bimbo fetish. That shit's more disgusting than, well, ACTUAL SHIT. It needs to stop. 
Again, the fact that this is a common issue is abhorrent and will likely lead this site to its demise in the future, as this very issue was (and still is) common in Tumblr before the NSFW ban that repelled most of the site's users.
DAMN, you guys must've really liked that export! Or maybe even the realism test! All i know is, I'm astounded by the amount of likes it got is such a short time! Well, don't worry, I'll provide more content like it soon! I just need to think of ideas for exports...
I'm gonna address this now, and I'm not gonna sugar-coat it. I hate the bimbo fetish. It's not so much the sandy blonde hair, or the oddly common association with pink or other "girly" colors, or even the excessively-sized breasts (although they do bug me a bit). It's the fact that people think stupidity is sexy. It angers me tremendously. Intelligence (or a sheer lack of it) should not be considered fetish material. It's demeaning and, in my opinion, disgusting.
I just got back from a Valentine's Day themed party. It was pretty fun aside from the fact that I got friendzoned.



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Hello there, I am just a common person who likes video games and drawing. Due to my inability to draw digitally, I use a program called Kisekae (note me for a link).


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