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The purpose of this group is to collect all deviant-made species into one gallery. Just because it's in our gallery doesn't make it an open species. You must follow the rules that the owner of the species has (or ask them if they don't).

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I’ve created two groups for the purpose of collecting art of them, and gathering deviants who would enjoy drawing them and making one of their own.
The groups are: For dyavragons
And… for faethame

Feel free to join and express yourself! 💗💗💗
You have voted, and now, here is the result.  The first theme challenge, the only one to exceed one vote, is:  FEATHERED CROCODYLOMORPHS

Here is the backstory in where the idea came from:

Today, dinosaurs, alligators, crocodiles, gharials and caimen are all that remains of a special group of reptiles called the archosaurs. Recently, it has been accepted by the public that birds did not evolve from dinosaurs but are themselves dinosaurs.

But what if birds evolved from a different group of archosaurs?

Unsurprisingly, as far as reptiles go, Crocodilia is as bird-like in anatomy and even behavior as we're going to get. In the distant past, there were crocodylomorphs of a great slew of varieties imaginable, so it would make sense, in an alternate Earth where pterosaurs definitely never existed and dinosaurs might not exist, for a crocodylomorph to become Aves, the traditional name for the avian dinosaurs, known vernacularly as "birds".

But giving benefit to the presumption that all crocodylomorphs shared at least one anatomical attribute that separated them from dinosaurs, would an avian crocodylomorph have certain and noticeable anatomical differences from avian dinosaurs that I should watch out for? Or would an avian crocodylomorph look exactly like an avian dinosaur?

I asked that question several times, and the recurring answer is doubtful of whether or not a feathered crocodylomorph could look any different from a feathered dinosaur.

And now, the backstory:

In studying Great Lakes Earth, our top specialists in these feathered crocodylomorphs are codenamed Xenocene Sophont and Camel Wing.  Most look so much like the birds of back home that it's been suggested that they should be called such, as the word "bird" stems from the Old English word for "chick" or "fledgling", which isn't an exclusively avian feature.  But the more formalized insist that we do not, as birds are dinosaurs, and these instead are crocodylomorphs.

So what should we call them instead?  Well, the waitlist is long--beka, ekab, ebak, baek, kabe, abek, keba, ekba, ebka, keab and kaeb, to name a few.

Another mystery yet to be solved is whether or not these "avian crocodylomorphs" were descended from the same common clade because on Great Lakes Earth, such birdlike forms have evolved multiple times independently.  Genetic investigations are still ongoing, so the jury is still out.

Some species still have tails, some species still have five clawed fingers on their wings, some have bony jaws and some have teeth on their beaks, but most species still look more birdlike.  However, they have a higher wing-to-body ratio to compensate for a proportionately larger keel, which makes for a heftier chest.

230 million years ago, a mass extinction wiped out 96% of all terrestrial species.  Among the lucky few was one genus of crocodylomorph, and this one ancestor would branch out multiple times into roles that we would find back home with dinosaurs, avian or otherwise.  65 million years ago, only five genera of the feathered crocodylomorphs survived a separate extinction event, and those five became the 18,000 species of feathered crocodylomorphs that we now find.


To save you the trouble, I have made some clarifications in the following links:……………………

Since this is a challenge and not a contest, there won't be an expiration date, but I will post the next theme challenge on March 1.  Good luck and have fun!
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