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Original Species Tutorial [Focus] by Fumi-LEX
101 Species Project (featured more) by Dual-Clock
- Open, Semi-Open Species Visual Guides
Intro To Loomies by LoomieLightsArchive
Opceries - original species [open!] by orbacie
Mo the Rulliamian by L1ndwyrm
Petal Dragon INFO by cactos
- Closed, Exclusive Species Visual Guides
[Pangon] General Species Infographic by dracooties
Fleuraxi Trait Guide - Closed Species by VEE by MixterVEE
BudBon Species Elemental Sheet by Furspice
Volcano Dogs Species Ref | Details In Desc by fox-cubed
- Species Concepts
Trequi With Examples by LostTideLover
Floofie Redesign Sketches by KittyMelodies
Flowerlings Info by Toffee-Tama
Lunarpillars Concept by Ressicle
- Custom Designs
B-P: Royal Buttercream Swirl Egg Reveal by Toffee-Tama
B-P: Strawberries and Cream Egg Reveal by Toffee-Tama
Eggs Hatched by geotalon
Redhead girl by Adoraberry
- Adoptables
[baobears] closed by miyabau
Fuurineko Adopt -  Seashell Trove [Closed] by miraku-memo
::GA Scarfox Auction CLOSED-Lullaby of Caged Birds by DARCl
- Character References
MYO Aitika | Alice by Sugary-Stardust
-Aylin Reference- by IstorMortis
Blossom by Bakk2Square1
- Species Art
New OC New OC by DipperClassic
Reading by XxAyuChuxX
[GIFT] DTA February 2020 by TheCrazyCatCow
Hello Ume  by oddmarsfellow
- YCH, bases, etc.
Pride Month YCH CLOSED (PayPal/points) by CattyAngel
.:YCH:. Ancient by Spectrosz
Valentines/couple YCH POINTS OR PAYPAL [OPEN!!] by Pelusita-Fideos
- Group Icons




Species Guide


Welcome to Species-Cafe, a group for all your species needs!

rules & terms to submitting

● Only species related art is accepted, all other types of art will be declined!
This means no regular adopts!

● Please be sure to submit to the correct folders! it will be declined otherwise!

● No offbrands. If we find you to participate in the creation of offbrands, you won't be allowed into the group!

open species

A species in which anyone can make their own character for without needing to ask or pay! There's usually a simple guide to follow with no exclusive traits or rarities to go by. It's still important to read and follow the artist's rules before making one!

semi open species

Similar to an open species, you can make a character for it without having to pay, though you may need to ask! These usually come with traits or rarities, and you may be limited to how many you can make. Their rules will be more specific, so you'll want to make sure to read up before jumping in!

Pink Circle Bullet by Gasara

closed species

A species in which you need to ask and usually pay to earn access to the community and to make a character. You can usually get permission by buying a MYO (make your own) 'slot' or by purchasing an adopt or custom design from the creator. Usually a closed species has much more specific rules and a more fleshed out community, hence it being more exclusive.


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