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Finally, some serious fanart for my perpetually unfinished fantroll. I have changed her name from Altura Demeer to Alitra Demeer, I think it sounds better.

I also decided to change her symbol and theme from Ceres to Caprisci from the Extended Zodiac. Her plant theme is still a thing, now that she is a Witch of Life, which suits her much better than Seer of Void, even if it doesn't contrast as nicely with her blindness.

I suppose, one day, I'll actually finish this fantroll??

Also, I kind of forgot to shade her horns... oh well, too late to go back now!

I have so many good artists to thank for this!

The amazing pose that made this art possible:
Leggings Design (I was delighted to find this, I thought I would have to draw my own diamonds):
Skin Texture:
Shoe Texture:
Shirt Texture:
Hair Texture:
Horn Texture:
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