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Fairy Tail Shipping Meme



My version of the Fairy Tail Shipping Meme. I had to add 4 characters, I just couldn't leave them out :D
I adore Romeo x Wendy, Bacchus x Cana and Loke x Lucy.
Poor Rogue... but there's nobody to ship him with... okay, Sting would be an option, but this pairing would be kinda boring xD
But I HATE (!!!) Gray x Erza with all my heart! Sorry, but... argh!! This pairing... I just don't like the idea of Gray being together with anyone else besides Juvia or Lucy (Ultear would be okay though). And Erza obviously loves Gerard, so f*ck Gray x Erza!
My favourite pairings are Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia and Elfman x Evergreen♥ Such cute pairings. I love their moments in the anime x3
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" I don't like you" XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XDXD Laugh Revamp  my poor rogue! he doesn't really have any canon ships. but theirs always crack ships.