The Ancient Paradise

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Come on folks, come closer and get comfy around this nice and warm campfire. I have a great story for you all that I´d love to share.

Legends said that there once was a cloki who lived in the ancient times with impressive magical powers.
He was very lively and joyful, loved the art of music and dance. He had a heart for all the beauty that nature could give, the plants, trees and all animals in this beautiful world.
Every day he took long walking trips. He went through the thickest forest, the highest mountains, walking over the plains and visiting all isles that he knew of. All those places, filled with the joy and beauty that nature offered.

One day he came across a place that he never had seen before, he must have missed it while mapping. This place was so different though, as if natures heart was ripped away. The land, it looked like a wasted deadland. No life was to be found, empty lakes and dead trees was all that was covering this land. The cloki was so shocked when seeing this, it was if a part within himself died, so sad and miserable that he felt for this land. He had to do something. And so his dream started. A dream to bring back what once was lost, to bring back all life, a paradise for nature. For this to happen he had to go on a journey. You cant bring a wasteland back to life without seeds and water. So the very next day his journey started. Yet he was not going for just any kind of seeds. He wanted the best, healthy, most exotic seeds he could ever find. Everytime he got some, he went back to plant them. After planting the seeds, he gathered his strength and used his spells to create a rainstorm, so big that it covered every little area of the wasteland.

Year after year went by, but well, what did you expect? It’s not like a paradise can grow in one day right.
Each year the land became more filled with nature. although the land looked so dreamy there still was this emptiness, this great silence. He knew the problem, there was no animal to be seen, not even a bird, fish or even an insect. It felt like he had to begin from the start, only this time not on the search for seeds but for some friends to join his paradise. He went to every place he could think of, tried to convince many different animals to come with him. Somehow no single one of them wanted to come, they still saw it as a deadland, even now when it is so full of beauty and nature. So if they did not want to come willingly, than he had to lure them. Traps, food, re-creating their sound. After weeks trying nothing worked, they just did not want to live there. His last chance was a way that he did not like, he thought he was going to lose it. So he tried one last thing, abducting and releasing them there, yet every time they just fled and ran as fast as they could to reach the outside of the area.

He gave up, crying on the ground. It started raining and thunder started to strike down. He wiped away his tears, stood up and stumbled up the mountain. The top of the waterfall, such a nice place to be, he thought. At the top he jumped to one of the rocks near the edge of the waterfall. His sadness became anger, and he went outrageous. All his emotions about the dream of his paradise were charging up his magical power. He lost control over all the magic inside him and it bursted out. A big bang loud and a flash took place before his eyes. For a second he could not see a thing, so much light it was blinding. When the blindness disappeared he saw something that was out of this world. Such a strange phenomenon. Somehow it looked like a crack in reality, showing through time and space. Different universes, planets and worlds. Containing unique species that have never been seen before. A new idea came up in his mind, his dream has not yet failed. Those strange locations he saw through this crack, this portal like thing, that was the answer to his problem.
What if he could bring new animal from out of those worlds to his paradise? He reached out his hand in the portal and slowly he followed with his whole body. He could not believe it, standing it a different land with a different sky. He looked around him, between the grass and plants and found some insects. Those insects were his first step, testing out how they would react living in a new place far away from their homeland. Back in paradise it seemed like that they liked it. They stayed, living their small lives as they should. In weeks time they reproduced and it was time to bring more animals to fill the emptiness. Some mammals, some swimmers and flyers. Time after time went by, The land looked better each time he got back. It was becoming so lively here, the beautiful sounds of the wind, the flowing water and the songs of the birds. But something weird was happening to him, his fur started to go black, the wings tearing apart. He had no time to bother about it. His mind was stuck, on his paradise. His condition seemed to got worse by every time he went through the portal. If only that had stopped him. He got obsession for his paradise, or was it an obsession for the wonders that only he could see and visit? This desire to bring bigger and stronger creatures into this world was getting stronger by the minute. A voice in his head said it was a good idea, what is paradise without a little adventure?
So this one day he had to go for one last time, opening the portal once more. At the time a was opening this portal, his hands were both particle blackened and his feet, looks monstrous, claw like. Yeah you heard me right, this clokies feet did not transformed to hooves, but claws. The moment the portal opened, it was not him who was going through the portal. Not this time. He focussed to bring the other side of the portal to a certain place.

That moment a fierce creature flew with all its might through the portal, it was so fast and giant. It took the cloki all its strength to keep the portal up until it went entirely through. He fell back, without any strength left, and the portal closed in an instant.
When he looked above him he saw this creature flying in circles. It was hard to see, until it came down, stood right above the clokies. It’s teeth as sharp as spears, big hard pointy horns, wings attached to his arms and claws. He looked at the cloki as his next meal.
Scared as the cloki was, he did not had the energie to fight or even struggle against this thing, he gave in. The creature absorbed all the magic that was left of the cloki and flew up to find his next prey.
The cloki however, fell down, off the waterfalls inside the water and disappeared.

No cloki knows if paradise was ever real. Some say they can still hear the roar of the beast that now roams our world.
This is a short fantasy story of the Closed Species Clokies.

Clokies are a closed species by Kitpaii
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