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Counter-Earth - Alicorn

Unlike on Earth, where the Alicorn is the mule-like sterile offspring of a Unicorn and a Pegasus, the Alicorns on Clarion are a species in their own right. They are built on a different body plan than the Earth Pegasus, having only four limbs instead of six. Their stance while walking is similar to an eagle, with the body projected forward and the wings tucked against the body. The Clarion Alicorn is also bioluminescent, with a subtle glow at night. By day, they are generally plain white with some faint rainbow colouring in places. 

Despite being horse-like, this species is rarely used as a mount as they are extremely aggressive and nearly impossible to tame. Those riders capable of breaking them in are considered especially gifted and are looked upon with awe in some cultures.

I wanted to see how far into strange directions I could take the design while still being recognizable. I've seen the four-limbed design a few times, but it seems to be rare, so I went with it. The horn was inspired by the head crest of the Nyctosaurus. The bioluminescence was inspired by the recent discovery that birds like owls have a glow when put under blacklight, for reasons that scientists still aren't clear on. I also took some colouring inspiration from the work of artist Lisa Frank. 
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I take it that these come in a lot of different color morphs?
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A most beautifully trippy design!

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I guess they're based on My Little Pony?
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No, that was the Fairy Foals:

Counter-Earth - Fairy Foals

These, like I said, are more inspired by Lisa Frank art.