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My Bio

I don't come here often anymore. So this is how you find me.

www.apocalypsewriters.com - houses my publishing venture

www.apocalypsewriters.com/blog is one of my personal blogs. I also have a blog at livejournal under mahajarabali

www.akashikonline.com - is one of my comics and currently the one I'm the most active with. Please visit and tell me you like the art or something.

From Akashik there are two support portals where I put free things, make #filk posts, and other things people can see that don't want to help out financially. They are the Hammerspace and the Coffee Shop, although I might rename that the Ice Cream shop.

https://sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=spearcarrier - is my sharecg spot where I put up the few things I make. Normally they're free.

http://www.woksprint.com - is my online store where you can also find a portal to buy filk CDs

And fi nally.... https://spearcarrier.bandcamp.com/ is where you can find my really really really bad filk music.


Author of Black Wolf, Silver Fox and The Heavenly Bride, K. J. Joyner also owns a small publishing company called The Writers of the Apocalypse.

She started out doing her own thing and gradually moved into making book covers for aspiring authors and occasional publishing companies. This led her to formatting ebooks for publication, and as time went on she fell deeper into the rabbit hole. Coming out the other side as a publisher, she can only tell you that at age 14 it should have been obvious she'd end up going this way.

Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Drop Dead Diva, Supernatural, Monk
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Small Gods
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett
Favourite Games
Plants vs. Zombies
Favourite Gaming Platform
the kind you dance revolutions on
Tools of the Trade
my arms
Other Interests
UFOlogy, reptilians, fantasy, elves, magic, occult, tarot, past lives, unicorns, etc.

Forgot the Book

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Uggghh... I have a book where I write what I'm supposed to do. I tried to do things like that digitally. Paper is best. Except that I don't know where I've put it. Came back from Inconjunction with trepidation but the filks were a success. We had a larger crowd than last year. I had followed some advice by Margaret Middleton about having water and snacks in the room, and that turned out to be a good thing because the consuite apparently closed at 10PM. My table neighbor in the vending room wrote his first filk and had started writing the next one before the con was over. I'd say Inconjunction was great for filking. With that behind me, I now face the drama of running a booth at the local flea market. Overall it's a good thing; my booth neighbors are great. The market itself isn't temperature controlled... omiGOD I'm MELTING....!!!!
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Thank you kindly for the :+fav: on "Tail Exercise"! It's much appreciated!

Aww!! Merry Christmas in return!

What a wonderful thing it is to pause, today, and think of you.  That is a very good thing about your birthday, when at least some of your fellow passengers on Planet Earth can pause, smile, and thank you for making your time among us a good thing.  That is so for you have employed yourself in fashioning works of noteworthy creativity, that have drawn informed notice and substantiated respect for the pains you took to produce them; for your praiseworthy courage in sharing them with us at the risk of cruel or thoughtless criticism.  Today, may you notice only praise and respect in celebrating your existence.  I, also, celebrate that and sincerely and earnestly wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!