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improvement in 8 years !!! by SpeakLike-a-Child improvement in 8 years !!! by SpeakLike-a-Child
I finally did this meme...  the great :iconanvemi: gave me the idea.  
What do you think of it ? 
I found out that I wasn't a 'gifted' or 'talented' artist, just someone that works hard to improve. I also very happy of my last year of work, I can see I improved tremendously ! I have to keep working !!!!!
thanks to :iconkamaniki: for creating the meme !
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anvemi Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You HAVE talent !!!
I've seen a lot of academically correct illustrations, but they didn't have any emotion or feeling of shape, I'm not good at saying thingsBlush 
But the main idea I wanted to say: You have your style (even if you think you don't ) and a huge talent:nod: Rentarou Nodding Icon All you need is believing in yourself and practice, practice, practice. Even a talented person won't make anything great without believing in her/himself and learning everything about her/his engagement.
And if you trust my opinion, your style is very attractive, fresh and unique and I'm telling you that you've made a really great level up and making it with every artwork!!!!!!!
I don't think talent depends only on the age you've started drawing good, but good style and being able to learn things quickly and improving yourselfrope skipping Everyone can draw like da Vinci but someone improves to his level in 30 years, and another in 5, that's what I call talent ^^ And you definitely have it!!!!Fox emoji - yes    
P.S. I'm still so happy you're animation student as you wanted, that so great!
P.P.S I too found out Tarkovsky's work a year ago after watching Solaris Tini Bubbles 
SpeakLike-a-Child Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Student Filmographer
thank you so much for this super kind comment I don't really know how to answer (that's maybe why it took me so long x) )
if I said that I'm not 'talented' it's because it seems that many people thinkthat talent is leke a gift and not a thing that you need to work on . 
I'm trying sooo hard to improve !! but some time my motivation falls a bit cause almost every time I finish a drawing I cringe on it haha.
The fact that people like you like my art style is so stimulating and helps me alot in those bad moments ^^ so thank you very much for cheering me up !
I don't expect to draw like da vinci in 5 years but I do my very best !!!

P.S : thank you so much !!
P.P.S : even if I love other directors, there is a thing about tarkovsky's work that make it special.I love his work unconditionally , seriously, I can't be objective. I saw all of his movies and this is my top list:
1 - ivan's childhood & andrei roublev
2 - miror
3 - nostlghia & staker
4 - the sacrifice
5 - solaris. 
I don't really liked solaris, but omg ivan's childhood and andrei roublev are one of my favourite movies ever !!!
I was wandering, in Ukraine do many people know Tarkovsky? or at least a lot of people under 30? because in France, none of my young friends know it.
Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Student General Artist
My, I didn't know you were this young.
But it's good to see you be proud of your improvements.
SpeakLike-a-Child Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Student Filmographer
yep ! but I still think I 'm not strong enough for my age !!! when I see my friend's skills... I can't help to compare myself
Cloudcuckooman Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Student General Artist
You and me both. That's why at times like those,
you ought to remember that you shouldn't compare
yourselves to other artists. Simply because, well, you're
not that artist. You're another artist willing to prove your
own skills.
SpeakLike-a-Child Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Student Filmographer
You're so right. I should definitely work on my self-confidence
DoodlAnne Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's the idea. Keep working because you get pleasure out of it. If one can work in things we like everything come easier. 
SpeakLike-a-Child Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Student Filmographer
yep ;) (Wink) 
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