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not even remotely original

I figured I'd go ahead and throw my log on the "macro water droplet" fire. :) (Smile)

coolpix3100 - border in PS7.
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wow, this is beautiful. Not only do I love macros, but I love water marcos, and leaf macros. Thus, :+fav:

nice work :thumbsup:
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Ohhh!!! I love macro shots. And Coolpixes do them very well. I've got a 2500 myself. It's convenient even though it's only 2 megapixels (which I'm not happy about but what can you do when you're on a tight budget?).

Love the droplets of water on the leaf. It's very fresh. Lovely!
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Wow impressive detail!
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Well maybe not origanl but pretty lol
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originality can be overrated anyway! ;) (Wink) this is a beautiful shot. the detail of the veins is amazing..and the water droplets look like little its a fairie's house. hehe
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i like how the water is just sort of sitting there...very relaxing
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Who cares if it's unoriginal? It's a damn fine shot. Love how all the veins in the leaf are brilliantly defined and clear, and the light welling inside the water drops.
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heh..yeah while its nto original...its most definetly a very skilled shot....looks like it belongs on some generic Photo mag...
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Looks absolutely beautiful. I love the veins of the leaf and how they are magnified by the primary water droplet. No worrying about originality, this is good stuff :) (Smile)
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