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complete werewolf transformation sketch

By spdmngtruper
well here is the transformation sketch uploaded into corel painter, hope everyone likes it
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awesome; I like it a lot...
Mengtastic's avatar
congratulations on the drawing!!
Mojomeerkat's avatar
This is epic beyond compare! Kudos!
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thank you very much 
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This fucking RULES. That muzzle! May I feature it on as next week's "Weekly Werewolf Art" post?
spdmngtruper's avatar
are u kidding me , i would be honored , its not finished yet , its just a work in progress, btw, i literally check every day lol, love ur website

therefinedwerewolf's avatar
Thanks, it's posted!… Thanks for the kind words, too. The whole reason I started the site was to share awesome stuff like this!
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i just saw it, and thank you very much i am so greatful, because you posted my artwork i already had someone get ahold of me who is doing a werewolf film on kickstarter and wants me to do the concept work for it, again thatnk you so much :D
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That's a spiffy hairdo. Mustache 

Fantastic work with the detail! Looks very realistic.
spdmngtruper's avatar
thank you very much :D
Lonemtnwolf's avatar
Wow, this is pretty amazing. Fantastic level of detail!
spdmngtruper's avatar
thank you very much :D appreciate it
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Very good art the fur is particularly well drawn and the face is truly scary, the way I imagine a werewolf should look. 
spdmngtruper's avatar
thanks :D yeah i wish a film would come out that has a werewolf look like how a werewolf should like in the 80's all these new giant wolves as werewolves is getting old and irritating
ArtByVirg's avatar
Great work so much realist, like the furr ;)
spdmngtruper's avatar
thank you very much, i appreciate it :D
wow no treat. Bed dog no more biscuit  
FREAKKATT's avatar
That is amazing. I love how you drew the way the fangs curve and the stretching of the mouth :heart:.
spdmngtruper's avatar
all the better to eat u with my sorry bad red riding hood pun :D thank u for the kind words
FREAKKATT's avatar
That's okay, I love old folktales xD. YOU'RE WELCOME~ :heart:
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