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Small Rant--Sonic Fandom Hypocrisy by spd243, literature

Snippets #4 - A Man's Best Friend Pt. 2 by spd243, literature

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Small Rant--Sonic Fandom Hypocrisy by spd243, literature

Snippets #4 - A Man's Best Friend Pt. 2 by spd243, literature

Phoenix Wright MLP Challenge by spd243, literature

Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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My Bio
Hello there! It's Diyana! I'm an Illustrator and my goals are to be an author and draw for children's book, designing characters for games/movies and cartoons or even create ideas or designs for trading cards.

Favourite Visual Artist
Ah...not sure...
Favourite Movies
Too many to choose
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and GX, A lot of the Sonic cartoons (Underground, adventure, SatAM, etc)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Green day, Carrie Underwood--I also like any music with a good beat and tune
Favourite Books
Harry Potter Series
Favourite Writers
J.K Rowling--She got me inspired to write.
Favourite Games
Sonic series, Mario series, Luigi Mansion, Spyro Games--let's say I play a lot of nintendo and sega games.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Hmm not sure just yet.
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and Pen--Even though Digital is great and all, I always go back to doing things Traditionally.
Other Interests
I enjoy creating my characters through spot illustrations (sngle illustrations without a huge, or complex background).

Been Hella Busy

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Anyways, yeah...my life has been busy ever since I've got back to work, but I don't mind the busy work all that much. It's strangely calming for me. Working long hours, and what ever overtime I could get, can really drain me from day to day, but the pay out at the end is worth it. That being said, my sis finally gave birth to her baby boy on June 8th. My nephew is so cute! And very intelligent at his young age. For example, I was watching the Sonic the Hedgehog movie for the 20th time and I noticed my lil' nephew tracking the movements of the blue blur's running. I got curious and put on other cartoons and once again, he kept track of each character's movements. Even the meet and greet between my sis' baby and our dog was quite funny, but very cute. My pup is there to keep him calm and well, sometimes he'll howl to match is crying ^^; XD. I know I promised to try and put more stuff here in my gallery, but I literally haven't got the change to even really start on much of my art or
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Geez. It has been a really LONG while since I posted anything in my gallery or a journal in quite some time. And boy has my personal life really been keeping me on my toes. Well, as the title says, a lot has happened during these past few months. For one of the biggest news, I am now living in a house for the first time in years. My folks wanted one for the longest time and to finally be able to live in a place we can officially call our own is not only exciting, but surreal as well. Still have a lot of unpacking and reorganizing to do, but it'll be all worth it in the end, plus the neighborhood is really nice. And I'm happy my pup has some space to play not just inside, but outside as well. (Maybe in the future I'll post some more info of my life from moving from one place to another. Maybe ^^;) Now, second biggest news is...I'm going to be an Auntie! :D Yep! My lil' sis (we are 3 years apart) is having a child with her boyfriend (they've been together for a few years now and they
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Happy New Year everyone!! Good riddance to the year 2020 and welcome thew new, and hopefully much more improved year of 2021. Geez...last year went by hella fast, but I'm glad. 2020 was a rollercoaster of emotion, disaster and all sorts of turmoil and struggle. Hopefully, and praying, that 2021 will be both emotionally relaxing and much more peaceful. We can only hope. ^^; Anyways, hope you are all having a wonderful Happy New Years!! :D ************************************ Interested in some holiday items, check out my Holiday Memories store: https://www.zazzle.com/store/holiday_memories P.S. My store, Guardians, is still running and up for anyone interested in buying my designs on clothing, key chains or magnets (right now, Kaius the fox is the first guardian/element being sold, I will add a new guardian soon...) Also, I have two books so far on Blurb that are still on for sale: www.blurb.com/user/dgonzale Here is my store to see and hopefully buy whatever interests you:
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Hiya It been a while

I hope your doing ok and well and i understand that your busy.

Yeah it’s been a while. How ya been? :D And I’m doing well. Work and my lil’ nephew has been keeping me busy. ^^ ;

Doing good buddy doing a few draws here and there.

Its alright i understand gald your doing alright and well ^_^

Ah that's good. Yeah, been a while since I've done anything art/writing related, been in a bit of a huge writer's block. Been trying to find some sort of inspiration/motivation.

Aww thanks :D

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hope you reply to my note soon

Hi. I’m still waiting on the reply to my note too. I think you’ll like my idea.

could you please reply to my note from july 28th? the last of those notes I mean, as far as I can tell you have not even read it yet