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[SoulWorker] Poison (Boss Character) - :iconspcatstasha:

Photo by :iconspiralcats:
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awesome ! I almost thought this is CGI
Amazing as always. 
As beautiful as you are, I have to give a shout out to the photographer for the great lighting and image.
Very beautiful and fun
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Those hips are unreal.
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Where Nakey?  I don see no nakey!     I see Cosplay!   Nice!
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   I can't believe you had enough courage to post yourself naked on a site like DA which is the capital of all perverts and fetishists.Do you really like this type of attention?I guess you don't have anything interesting about yourself other than your body.      whatever. 
If you think she's naked, you need your eyes checked. And if you object to her costumes, then - why are you here? To show your poor manners? Perhaps, simply to annoy others?
Do you go up to people on the street, and tell them you don't like their clothes? If you don't, then you shouldn't be doing it here, either.
Why did you make this comment?  Are you a pervert and fetishist using DA?  Do you think that she should hide her art and body from people?  Why would this image make you think she has nothing else that is interesting about her?
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Wonderful! :D really like the lighting in this photo. 
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Oh my....i think i'm in love 
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